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Healing the Past, Repairing the Future

Healing the past in the present so that the promised future can arrive.

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

Live Transmission Forest

[This clear, informative and pleasurable Enlightenment Transmission was 2 hours 30 mins of talk time.  Email us or use the contact-form if you are interested in a replay.]

No longer bound by an unresolved past but healed and back on track the way life should be. For further details read:  ‘Healing Humanity with Enlightenment Transmission’.


Recent MP3 for download:
Actually Relating: What it Means, How to Do It. Sharing the Enlightenment That We Are. (nearly 3 hours)
Key Revelations of the 2018 Summer Enlightenment Transmission Retreat

Join us live online for the current event (or else request a replay by sending a direct email or using the contact us).

28th February - 7th March 2019 7 Day Retreat
Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Unlimited

13th-20th June 2019 7 Day Retreat
Enlightenment Transmission Day Midnight Sun Summer Island Retreat

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Online Call

Participation in the Live Online Event requires the free Zoom conferencing app: This does not apply to Replays and unlimited MP3s that are hosted on