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Enlightening the Mind of Humanity

You are the solution to restore reality.

Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

Transmission Interconnection

[This clear, informative and pleasurable Enlightenment Transmission was 2 hours 30 mins of talk time.  Email us or use the contact-form if you are interested in a replay.]

Themes: Primary hidden human channel, non-verbal communication, self-censorship, suppressed fragmented personae, emotional manipulation,   immunity, global mind, memory triggers, body's code.

You are a neuron within the brain of humanity, unavoidably part of the problem, potentially part of solution.

The captive dysfunctional global mind of humanity grows stronger as it weakens, co-opts and infects free minds with the structure of unreality.

Notice how you feel less in control as if something competes for your attention, energy and expression.

Enlightenment is a return to your senses, back to reality and sanity. It feels difficult to overcome the ignorance that you cannot see that is within you and me. Only a light bringing illumination can set you free.

That light is the Enlightenment Transmission which clears, cleans and repairs the invisible 'neural' pathways that connect us. By sharing our truth, our original essence, we are able to take back the global human mind - and your mind will return to you. How could it be any other way? The light of Enlightenment Transmission is the way.

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