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Awakening in the Concept-Free Space of Awareness

Intuition beyond concepts, guided into Awakening

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Inner space awakening
Inner space awakening

Participant feedback:

“The best I have attended, approaching a masterclass, covered more advanced topics than before.

One of the best I’ve attended (as well as the week before [‘Experience Enlightenment Vibrating in All Spaces Simultaneously’]).”

“I like the non-conceptual approach, it gets closer to something really essential.”

“I am feeling very different now in my waking life, filled with love.”

“I am starting to think that it may be possible for me to become enlightened.”

Main Theme: Collapsing thoughts in the mind space
Non-verbal Theme: Out of synch meaning

Examples Included

size of mind; only one experience; person/name can't be found;  uncertainty of persona persistence; awareness gopher; checking change; robot mind; no map, no language; lost vs free;  closing negativity; active - recovering addict; morbid mind; living thoughts - dead thoughts; mental screen; collapsing thoughts; the gone theatre; same movie; inaudible no noise; shell game thoughts; risking "the now" by talking; slow snow walk; empathising with misleading ostensible reasons...

TIP: Watch to get the full hidden meaning

[2 hour 9 minutes - For a live video replay, email or use the contact-form to express your interest.]

Although the inner space of awareness cannot be described, it nonetheless exists. We yearn for awareness like an orphan yearns for her mother. I assume that you intuitively know what I am talking about. Intuition is all that we have got, here.

To give yourself more confidence in what cannot be fully described with language and concepts, you can read: ‘Awakening: The Concept-Free Space of Awareness’. Your intuition may greatly enjoy the article’s taste of the expanded awareness that you are. An awareness that exists beyond the presently unawakened part of yourself. This is your journey, a journey that no one but yourself will be able to notice.

If this interests you then contact me. Better yet, meet me. I am available online and off-line for private and group meetings. This Sunday a friendly group of inner space explorers will be departing from  the known to journey into the fullest depths of being. You are welcome to join ‘Awakening in the Concept-Free Space of Awareness’’.

We will be departing the station of “Unawakened” and entering the wide open spaces of awareness, the awakened part of yourself.

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