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A Timeless Moment of Non-Conceptual Connection

Breaking Time To Know That You Live

Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Beyond the false identity
Beyond the false identity

Originally 3 hours 24 mins on Sunday 3rd February 2019

MP3 Talk Time Duration: 1 hours 40 mins (plus bonus 13 mins "silence")

Warning: Discusses digestive processes without inhibition.

MP3 Description

A highly rare unique atypical MP3 which was a challenge to produce.

The interactive session, originally 3 hours 24 minutes, boiled down to an essential 1 hour 53 minutes, comprised of 1 hour 40 minutes talk time (including participant feedback and questions) followed by 13 minutes of alive Enlightenment Transmission "silence" from mini-One-to-One sessions within the group meeting that have been moved to the end of the MP3.

Dave's comments between those mini-One-to-One sessions are included without the long silences. Some participant questions and feedback are included in an edited form and include Dave's answers.

Examples Included

snake swallows tail; nowhere to hide; hammer window frame hit corner; the change that no one understood; pooping anxiety; open, honest and exposed; enlightenment is no fears; enlightenment and the toilet door; secrets of enlightenment; famous 94 year old enlightenment teacher awakening on the toilet; doubt crept in; looking at real life; door open/closed; imaginary theatre; seen and unseen vs. objectified; person between lines; no stories; non-involvement - no risk; isolation; motivation change; no instructions; contact with life all of the time; too strong experiencing - wanting to close it down; too blasted by ET; tickled to death; can't take it; busy mind; pure clear experience; techniques are not nature's intent; disturbing the ocean float; really not trying; precious moment of life contact, fully cherish; no choice but to make Enlightenment happen; waking person up from numb morbid depression; fire-blanket, asbestos suit; only by looking do you feel and figure how to help; look/feel where their soul wants to go; interaction no teaching; awakening from nightmare; not about material benefits or human life; only Consciousness enjoys; fantastic experience; Consciousness known at Enlightenment; has to happen now; what existence wants; intellectualizing life, being unsure & procrastinating

“The teachings were more than fantastic. There are no words to describe what took place. ”

“I slept well and woke up full of energy with tickling joy in my body and a huge feeling of having released something. It was a feeling of waking up, reaching the arms to the sky and bursting out.”

“My sleep was the most unusual and intense ever, like I was alive but deeply sleeping. Something is going on here I cannot explain.”

Strong pulls of energy in all directions. Energy from above, overwhelmingly beautiful.”

“Dave is strangely moving in slow motion, like a movie at the end of its reel. His eyes look different, one from the other and he is vibrating differently. It's an indescribable feeling.”

“Still enjoying the memory of your childlike expressions of sheer glee, delight, joy; it struck me how truly unusual a phenomenon that is in spiritual teacher circles...”

Pre-event description:

I am refining the Transmission of Enlightenment, removing the inessentials and leaving only the effective part. Based on 18 years of experience, this is real-time experiment is happening now. Your participation, observations and suggestions are invited. Nothing is nailed down. Everything is in a state of flux. What is here today could be gone tomorrow. We live in exciting times.

I will be aiming to reach each and every participant during this event, each according to their unique characteristics, and yet keeping it simple.

To understand more about what is going on, read these two recent posts (a third post will follow soon):

The Holy Grail/Rosetta Stone of Enlightenment Transmission

Do you want to know that you lived?

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