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Sharing the Hidden Blessings of Human Life

One small change can magically transform your life

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Blessings shared are Blessings squared
Blessings shared = Blessings2

[Brash, bawdy, never boring and maybe too 18+ for the New Age market - 3 hour 26 minutes of strong insights - For a live video replay, email or use the contact-form to express your interest.]

One small change can magically transform your life. For me, that “one good thing” is the Enlightenment Transmission. Others may say God, Jesus, Holy Spirit or The Divine.

However, whilst that “one good thing” is more than enough to feel good, it is not enough to be completely fulfilled as a human being. Nonetheless, that “one good thing” will do. It’s like a wonderful soup, everything that you dip in it tastes fantastic. However, a good soup can be made of many elements – or it can be made of just one.

In our case, as participants enjoying the Enlightenment Transmission, we can approach fullness through multiplication of our enjoyment. This happens when the Enlightenment Transmission is shared. The opposite of sharing the Enlightenment Transmission is simply to enjoy the Enlightenment Transmission within one’s own private awareness.

To share the Enlightenment Transmission, is to allow the Enlightenment Transmission to fully enter into one’s body, mind and heart, energy system and interactions with nature and others.

In this online video meeting, we will leverage and maximise our relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission by sharing our blessings with one another. Of course, to the uninitiated this may seem mysterious. However, many know that the Enlightenment Transmission will make it easy and effortless. So join in and receive the blessings. If you are a newcomer, then you have many new discoveries to make - you only need some courage to show up and receive. Exciting. Let the mysteries begin!

You can use the booking button on this page and pay by Paypal (Paypal fee is added), bank, OshanaCredits or another method. Contact us for advice.

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