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Ugly Catharsis En Route to Consciousness Reunification

There is a taboo against talking about this stuff - and it isn't healthy.

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

true story
The True Story

[ 2 hours 25 mins minutes of direct talking exploring the cause of and solution to split, incomplete, unembodied consciousness.]

Post-event description:

The compassionate message of this event emphasised loving acceptance for yourself and others who have awoken to the pain and confusion of the divided self, in other words, the splits between consciousness, the body, emotions, thoughts and inner world of perception. Such acceptance is necessary to be able to fully look at oneself and recover all of the fragmented parts.

Pre-event description:

“Hell is other people.” Jean-Paul Sartre

There is sometimes an unaesthetic aspect to Awakening (Consciousness Reunification) that you will never hear about because it’s an unresolvable image problem for the spiritual marketplace’s beatific portrayal of Enlightenment.

Spiritual seekers who stop smiling and wearing spotless starchy white linens are mysteriously “offed” in the night, their communal bunks vacated by morning, replaced by another generic glassy-eyed smiley face.

Gurus who fall off their pedestal are simply propped back up, with Superglue this time, and a team of lawyers and PR agents dedicated simply to silencing disgruntled whistleblowers. But, that’s not what I mean by the ugly side of Awakening, that’s just entertainment. Faux spirituality is no more or less real than professional wrestling, just more harmful and misleading.

The human psyche, like a non-stick pan, is fairly robust, but eventually will break down to release noxious toxins when pushed its limits or rudely treated. Minds break down everywhere, not limited to security and psychiatric service employees, substance abusers, school teachers and rock stars. It can even happen in a relaxing local yoga class, especially during extreme back bends (which can block the spine’s free-flow of nervous energy).

A little bit of knowledge is dangerous, which pretty much sums up the spiritual marketplace’s ineffective and sometimes dangerous attempts (the equivalent of cutting heroin with rat poison) to produce genuine Awakening, which in recent years has spilled over into the indiscriminate use of plant-based and pharmaceutical hallucinogens.

“Killing the Ego” has more in common with the destructive practice of lobotomisation than healing, and should have no place within spirituality.

This is not to say that genuine Awakening is risk-free. Removing booby-traps is inherently dangerous: the conditioned mind is a minefield filled with anti-tampering devices.

Being "born again" is not unlike childbirth and may be attended by snot, tears, vomiting, blood, shit and piss. But it’s worth it.

The taboo against talking about this stuff creates unreality - similar to young children being made to believe that hamburgers grow on trees, instead of sourced from corpses.

The symptoms of Awakening aren’t really ugly, though  some see it that way, but are in fact beautiful.

For what’s the problem, if a lifetime of rage and anger should burst out and deplete itself in one long cathartic release? Better out than in.

People though will generally avoid catharsis, so consequently when it happens the force and intensity are surprising. Of course, that can be faked too - and there is a whole industry for fake catharsis. Faking it never leads to Enlightenment, though a person might make it in other ways.

There is a skill and art to removing a wooden splinter trapped under the skin. Done right, it’s relatively effortless and pain-free. Done wrong, the problem doesn’t go away but worsens. If the procedure is unnecessary, it is foolhardy to even start it.

Before we set out, let’s assess what is actually required and make the proper plans and preparation. There is no time to waste.

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