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The Original Language of Formlessness (Recent Retreat Revelations)

Coming Soon: Absolute Communion

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Winter Retreat Revelations
A visually fascinating, informative and practical presentation, involving live audience interaction, about communication, connection, authenticity and effective spiritual seeking. It is highly recommended to schedule a video replay of this meeting to feast on the highly rich non-verbal clues pointing to formlessness. Video replay bookings can be arranged via email (preferable, if you have a contact address) or via the contact-form.

Participant feedback:

“Some portion of my mind was totally blown up by the class in a good way.”

“That washing and cleaning was in full force.”

“I lost all concept of time.  2 hours seemed like a few minutes.”

“Blasting us.”

“The whole class is a complete blank. The only thing I can recall is you talking about your white shirt, but what you said I can't recall only the memory of you wearing it! Nothing of the content. If I try to put my mind into the content, I feel I am forcing it into a wrong direction (past?) and being bounced…”

“I felt a very strong energy surge. Something was released and it felt very deep. The whole day I was releasing spontaneously stuff from my body. That has continued today. And I notice that I feel more detached from the ’stuff’ that’s coming up. Very interesting.”

“I liked the feel of the call with you standing. It felt more powerful when you were doing hand movements while standing.”

“Very animated, standing and moving your hands a lot as if doing energy work. Humour was balancing out the intensity of the energy.”

“One of the best experiences with the Transmission.”

“How sweet, everything shows on your face like an 8 year old boy.”

“You were on rare form.”

“Very Powerful.”

Pre-event description:

The purpose of this live online video meeting is to provide upgraded experiences of expanded awareness and understanding for anyone who did not attend the recent Winter Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat ‘Sharing Enlightenment Transmission Unlimited’, as well as to allow Retreat participants to integrate, explore and develop the gifts that they received.

Discover new ways to be commune with Self, Other, Existence and the Infinite by focusing on the synchronisation of body and spirit to produce pure communication without the babble of non-verbal noise and broken conditioned language.

A proper exploration of formlessness will provide a necessary (and typically rarely achieved) contrast between authentic spirituality and ubiquitous spiritual materialism and objectification.

For further hints about the content of this event, please feel free to read the recent article: ‘My Tell, Your Show’ and ‘Secret Enlightenment Transmission More Precious Than Gold

Join us live online for the current event (or else request a replay by sending a direct email or using the contact us).

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