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Free Online Event

A Taste of Formlessness

From Something Comes Nothing

Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2019, 19:00 EEST - 21:33 EEST

notice everything that happens
Notice everything that happens

Completely free.
First come, first served.
Book early. Arrive early.
(99% of available spaces have been filled.)

Exactly what am I offering?

Enlightenment, energy, experience, teaching or relationship? Many assume, few actually know.

Recipients report lives unimaginably benefitted, unconditional love, mental chatter stopped, deep sensitivity, inner senses opened, autonomy and communion with Existence.

This free online meeting aims to make clear by showing. Telling is  not fully possible. You will only believe when you experience life beyond fundamentally broken linguistic concepts.

Open you senses and notice everything that happens.

I invite you to attend with all of yourself, with an  open or closed mind,   your greatest expectations, fears, doubts, confusions, worries, savvy and precious questions. It’s all good and acceptable for me. Whatever you bring, I will meet and raise you. Just turn up, find out what happens. You don't need to believe anything. I am simply a deliveryman. I deliver. You enjoy. 

Be forever changed, understand why we have been in connection and  get Enlightened. Alternatively, decide there is nothing here for you and invest your energy elsewhere. It’s a win for you, either way.

There is no spiritual teacher/guru ritual game being played here. What you see is what you get.

What I offer is not directly visible, tangible or palpable – but the effects are. You won’t be able to describe exactly that happened but you can try to express, analyse or deny. I invite all points of view because I am utterly fascinated by these phenomena. My catch-all term is “Enlightenment Transmission,” but do not let words distract you – go directly to the experience.

This meeting is easily accessible for everyone who has a computer, phone or tablet. We will provide event guidance and technical support to anyone who needs (must request in advance of the meeting day).

2nd April Note: If you have booked but not received the Orientation then I have not received your answers to the questions email, yet. Late registrations from newcomers might not be accepted, it's an issue of timing and resources. All questions must be answered before Friday 3pm UK (10am EDT).

Essential Suggestions

I have a few conditions to make sure that everyone receives as much as possible and that potential discomfort is reduced to a minimum.

Face visible on camera – I am hosting this event so that I can meet you face-to-face. It would be unbalanced if most participants could be seen but a few chose to be visually ‘anonymous’.

Intoxicant-free – I aim to meet you in your natural state, therefore participants are expected to be free of any natural or chemical substances which affect their mind, moods or nervous system, this includes alcohol, tobacco,  recreational drugs, non-precribed psychiatric medication,psychedelics and hallucinogens for a minimum of 36 hours (but ideally more than 2 weeks). Participants are not required to stop taking medications prescribed by a medical doctor.

Recognisable display name – if you choose to use a display name that is not your usual name or if Zoom uses the name of your phone or computer then I need to be able to connect your registration to your displayed Zoom name. Please test your Zoom in advance and know which name it shows, and change that name if necessary and possible either before or after starting Zoom or entering the Zoom room.

Register early  – using the event page on DaveOshana.com – late registrations may not receive essential information and guidance. Avoid disappointment, register many days in advance. It is necessary to book in advance to receive and essential Orientation email which provides preparation guidance that you should read as soon as possible and a unique Zoom number to access the special meeting room via Zoom. (The first Orientations will be emailed after 21st March to those who have introduced themselves)

Arrive early - In case there are suddenly more registrations than places, join Zoom early and stay connected to assure getting a place even before the Host. The Host will usually join Zoom at least 30 mins, sometimes as much 1 hour, before the event's advertised start time, to share Consciousness music so that participants can  test their Zoom and arrange their comfort.

Test the Zoom app in advance – ensure that your microphone, speakers/headphones, display name and connection to the Zoom room (you will receive an access code by email at least 24 hours before the event) are all working correctly.

Arrive on time - and stay at least 2 hours. The meeting with Dave will start 10-20 minutes after the advertised start time (we seek to avoid delays and so will not guarantee technical support close to the event start time, so test in advance).

Interaction - Dave will notice and interact with participants in the order that they arrived. Anyone who turns off their camera will automatically be moved by Zoom to the end of the line up. Anyone who keeps their camera off, covered or is not visible the whole time might be moved to allow room for others if the maximum Zoom quota has been reached.

Avoid camera distraction - Keep your camera still (except if you have to go to the bathroom) and only send a text message if it is urgent or invited. Cover your camera  to avoid creating distractions if you need to temporarily move around. Do not drive a  vehicle whilst in the event.

*Write to Dave now (especially newcomers) - If we have never met then send me a few words about where you are in the world, what you want from our meeting and anything else you want to share. I also like to hear from anyone with whom I have not had contact this year. You will probably receive a few questions by email from Dave within 24 hours of booking this event. Make sure to check your email and filter emails from "@daveoshana.com" to your priority inbox so that you can see and reply soon.

How to Book

You can use the booking button on this event page.

What you Need to Listen

Use the Zoom conferencing app (free and easy to install and use on any computer, phone or tablet).


Anyone can apply to participate, but newcomers must contact Dave by email or contact-form in advance to introduce themselves and to  confirm that they will abstain from   intoxicating substances for at least 36 hours before the event (this does not apply to medications prescribed by a medical doctor) and state if they have any health issues or take medications which affect the mind, moods, brain or nervous system.  Following that confirmation will be an email by reply with energetic and technical guidance.

Newcomers must have their cameras on and have their faces and eyes visible at the beginning of the event.


The event is expected to be 2 hours depending on how many participants are attending so that everyone gets some personal Transmission time at least once.

Time Zone Converter

Helsinki 7pm - Geneva/Munich 6pm - London 5pm
Boston/NYC Noon - Minneapolis/Chicago 11am
Edmonton 10am - San Francisco 9am - Honolulu 6am
Mumbai 9:30pm - Tel Aviv 7pm
Next Day: Brisbane 2am - Tokyo 1am - Bali/Hong Kong Midnight

To receive information about how to attend this event, you should book via the event page (for which you need a free DaveOshana.com account).

If Dave has not met you then please send information via email or the personal contact-form introducing yourself: your name, your location, spiritual wishes, physical and mental health, medications or drugs being currently used in recent weeks, how you found out about the Enlightenment Transmission and anything else that you want to mention.

If you require help creating a DaveOshana.com account or activating (you need to receive an email with an activation link and to click it - check your spam folder if you do not see it) then please contact our DaveOshana.com website support team (allow enough time for a reply).

So this is what you need:

  1. An activated DaveOshana.com account
  2. Book the free event on DaveOshana.com
  3. If Dave does not know you then write something about yourself.
  4. Receive email instructions about how to attend the event.
  5. Display for your first name on Zoom and join the Zoom room.
  6. Switch on your camera at eye-level.

We have plenty of space at the moment but it's first come, first served. Book now and setup soon!

Further Info

Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. Details and tech support upon request. [Zoom is not needed for streamed audio replays and MP3 downloads that are hosted on DaveOshana.com]