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The Look of Love: Know That We Exist

Because Life matters

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

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join us!

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Post-Event Description

Style: dynamic, energetic, irreverent, insightful, psychological, comedic, nostalgic

Content: Look, looking, faking, honesty, cover-up, missing time, clean up, detox, find yourself, multiple personae, softening, allowing, hard, bouncing, reactive, gurucide, self-sabotage, false identity, ego, anti-tampering mechanisms

2 hours 22 minutes duration (approx)

Pre-Event Description

Book it now and never look back over a lost life.

In this online meeting, I will be presenting “The Look of Love”. It is essential, natural and divine - but currently extremely rare. If you came to this webpage looking for the ABC disco/dance song then go here: 80’s pop video.

Eye-gazing can be more intimate and revealing than all of the sex positions of the Kama Sutra (except those that involve staring, of course). A couple (or group) can have sex and still feel lonely, disconnected and disassociated.

When it comes to connection, touch can be a let-down, even a huge turn-off, and so it is with eye-to-eye contact also. In fact, every sense is a potential reason to open up or shut down. It has to be done right, and respectfully, because you’re entering into someone’s private zone, somewhere so hidden that ordinarily you will never notice that it even exists, let alone gain access.

We walk amongst each other a whole lifetime without ever knowing the other and never being known for having a life, or even existing. We are islands. Imagine this condition persisting between neurons in the brain. Nothing would work: welcome to human society! We exist in Babel, the time of communication breakdown (in the Bible).

We talk, but are not heard. We listen, but we do not hear. We have sex, but we are dancing in the dark by ourselves. By the end of your life, you will wonder if anyone truly noticed you and if you noticed them. And if it ever happened, those will be your most cherished memories, the only worthwhile ones to take into Eternity.

Like sex, eating or talking – it can be done wrong. It can be forced, rushed, technique-based, without feeling, prostituted and imitated. All of which miss the point. We live in the world of substitutes where The Original has been lost.

I am interested in recovering The Original and living without substitutes (rhymes with ‘prostitutes’). To do that we have to change our environment, which means changing the world – and that starts with you and I.

If you want to uncover The Original, to get beyond the Babel and move in the Real Life that exists outside of the closed conceptual misrepresentation of reality then join me on a voyage of discovery that will blow your mind and put you in touch with something True. You can start anywhere with me, but this online meeting would be the best time and place.

Book it now and never look back wistfully over a lost life.

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