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Living Beyond Spiritual Concepts

When False Idols Go Down Hard

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Absurd: Truth is not in words or turds.
Absurd: Truth is not in words.

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Post-event Description

Key: Exploring controversial sharing style, freedom and the roots of limitation and reaction in the group and spiritual marketplace.

Style: interactive, controversial, outrageous, confrontational, cathartic, exploratory, dynamic, energetic, irreverent, insightful, psychological, comedic,...

Content includes: sharing awakening vs. giving cliché concepts; feeling vibrations vs confusing teachings; male/female cultural issues and triggers; gender-less consciousness; ideological categories vs biological and cultural realities; pressure to deliver; spiritual methods; Dave's hidden method; boring approaches;  participant feelings; expectations, projections and fantasies place on spiritual teachers; co-dependent guru-disciple relations; necessity to discuss formative bodily functions and explore without shame, numbing and censorship; abuse; trauma; picking up on micro-mannerisms; therapist hats and client fantasies; psychosomatic unwinding; toilet styles; picking up on discomfort; denial and resistance ...

Beyond Spiritual Concepts

It’s time to go beyond spiritual concepts so that we can directly experience life and reality, better communicate and connect.

Dissolving Form to Find Underlying Formlessness

The Jewish patriarch, Abraham, found eternal life in the desert under the stars after smashing his father’s idol-making factory and permanently leaving his hometown.

Mutually Assured Discomfort: The Way to Life Eternal

It’s not going to be comfortable to leave behind cherished notions, ways of relating and thinking. But if it is not done then a Golden Calf (a false idol/form) will constantly be created every time that you find real gold.

The Spiritual Marketplace is Fool’s Gold

Once relevant, living realisations are commercially manufactured, wholesale packaged and mass-marketed into shiny, superficial, fake trinkets. After a lifetime spent daily sampling the wares and dramas, enjoying camaraderie and always hoping for “the next best thing” it might be difficult to give up the adrenaline rush, the frisson of excitement, in this hookah’s paradise. What they are toking is a poor substitute for the real thing. Numb and dumb, don’t make you a ripe plum, chum.

You Cannot Prepare for This

Smash the idols, down tools and leave the workshop. We are going to enter into the desert of the real. I cannot prepare you for this. There is no map. The description ends here… and life eternal without form begins...

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