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Revealing the Body: Day 2 Easter Online Intensive

Hang with Jesus this Easter as a Show of Solidarity!

Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019, 18:00 EEST - 23:00 EEST

Find Your Rebirth, Wherever It May Be
Find Your Rebirth

* Video Replay possible. Book by email or use contact-form for details with your times of availability *

Each year we explore essential experiential esoteric aspects of Jesus from an enlightened perspective at Easter. This year's 2-day Online Intensive Drop-In is controversial, extra-long and extra-strong.

The themes and format (talk, interaction. guided meditation) will be a surprise, but here are some possibles:

The Little Known Side of John the Baptist

Going Insane in the Wilderness

In the Desert but not Deserted

Meeting the Devil You Don't Know

Boring Trials and Anti-Climatic Tribulations

The Full Temptations of Christ

Hanging Out on the Cross

A Most Unusual Set of Passions

"Saint" Paul's Unpious Additions: It Gets Worse and Has Not Got Better

However, since I aim to replace all spiritual concepts with plain English at the moment, I wish to avoid referencing religion. The Jesus theme, though, is so entertaining for the average Western mind that it might be premature to retire it.

So, whether Jesus approves or not, He will get resurrected this weekend. Good for us, but does anyone ever check how He feels? It seems that Jesus’s story is here to be endlessly deconstructed and reconstructed until it is finally over. Jesus gets to rest, when we eventually rest. The Jesus narrative will be ‘done to death’ until He finally fully ascends, and not until the Garden of Eden gets remodelled.

As always, the experiential aspect is of paramount importance. Therefore, I may switch between narration and guided meditation, monologue and interaction, and peace and deep longing.

The content and style of Enlightenment Transmission meetings is the energy, interests and needs of those who participate in the live event, and mystically those who will eventually book the replay (if it exists).

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