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Freedom from Mental Unreality through Clear Body Consciousness

Enter the Original State of harmonious body consciousness

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Return to the Original State
Return to the Original State

* Highly Recommended! An Impactful Classic!
Fun & Informative. Perfect for Retreat Preparation.

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This meeting will look at identity, mental restriction, filtering and how to become free by reuniting with body consciousness.

Directly perceive reality by exiting the mental fugue state and entering the Original State of harmonious body consciousness.

Many people suffer because they cannot change their mind. Ironically, this is because they once created an alternative reality, initially as an escape from physical pain, which successfully replaced their perception of the external world.  Eventually though, the inner alternative reality became a hellish place. Unable to find their way back to reality, they are stuck, seemingly for eternity, in a self-referential system whose fixed syntax is impervious to change. They can no longer see, adapt to or be changed by reality because their system filters out real information when it considers it to be ill-formed, contradictory or inconvenient. Unfortunately, they have entered into a perpetually disassociated state of unnaturalness. Identification is an unwitting choice to live in unreality. In “The Matrix” the character Cypher had a choice. In reality, few ever do, for the choice is made at an early age for them. You, though, are going to be given a chance to choose again.

Being unnatural, identification creates many problems including: psychic fragmentation, confusion and bewilderment, limits natural freedom and makes authentic relationships impossible. Fortunately, nature is on your side because the body and brain continually seek integration within themselves, and with each other, by using the nervous system to communicate and calibrate to reality. Unfortunately, a toxic mind will provide false sensory data, hallucinations, to and from the nervous system.

The solution you seek involves opening the inner senses of the nervous system to permit actual representations of reality to challenge the mind’s non-stop fictitious representations of reality.

In this event we will explore ways to come back to reality, to return to the original identity-less state where the wisdom and language of the body are clearly felt, expressed and in communication with reality.

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