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Cooperative Unconditioning

Use Each Other To Lose "Stuff"

Date: Sun, 19 May 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Cooperative Unconditioning
Cooperative Unconditioning

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Use triggers to unhook yourself and others, enjoying unavoidable psychological discomfort together and dismantle internal mechanisms of control.


"Sunday's talk was informative on a sensational level, honest, direct and to the point."


Why do good intentions generally go wrong? Because of social conditioning, which is almost always improper.

Instead of manipulating, exploiting, and/or avoiding each other, how about using each other for mutually beneficial outcomes—such as personal freedom, liberation and communal well-being? Why not turn the social conditioning against itself to reveal itself, and allow the healthy part of you (which exists inside your body) to free itself, and thereby others?

  • Instead of reinforcing social conditioning every time you interact with others, use others to decondition yourself.

  • Instead of helping others in an attempt to lose the self that you have already lost, use others to lose the stuff that you should never have taken on.

  • Instead of allowing others to use you to reinforce their conditioned self, direct them to use you to loosen it.

  • Use “triggers” to unhook yourself.

  • Enjoy unavoidable psychological discomfort together as a way to dismantle internal mechanism of control.

  • Clear up ancient familial/ancestral psychological patterns by conscious, loving interaction that “triggers” old stuff to come up and out.

Note: Conditioned Self a.k.a. False Identity, Ego

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