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The Light: Life Is About To Start Working

Who You Are Reveals Who You Will Be

Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2019, 19:00 - 22:00

The Light: Life Is About To Start Working
Journey into You

Failing to find evidence to the contrary, many believe in compelling religious and scientific narratives of humanity’s inevitable self-destruction.

Fortunately, I discovered a light showing the way out of this mess that glows ever brighter in the all-consuming darkness of our present time.

Seeing the light, our eternal guide, reveals a truth that language has been unable to utter and why the human world has been suffering. From that suffering comes tragedy on a massive scale. We suffer because we go against our design. We know that there is a problem because we feel it, but cannot solve it without first seeing it.

19 years ago, I met the light that shows the way for all of us. Through my guidance you have come closer to the light, even seen it, outside of your mind.

In recent months, the light has introduced a new way of seeing who we are, which reveals how we can be and where we can go. These new revelations are coming together in a practical, useful form. You will understand why your life has not worked, and cannot with the present presumptions, but how it can succeed.

In this online meeting, we will bring together all this wisdom to effortlessly see how to naturally be. This may be the final online meeting until August.

Retreat-level preparation event.

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