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From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat

Enlightenment Transmission is a shared experience which awakens humanity

Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2020, 18:00 EEST – Sat, 15 Feb 2020, 16:00 EEST

Purest Enlightenment Transmission

Directly experience the raw power of 20 years of Enlightenment with what is always surreal Enlightenment Day phenomena on 19th June and all-night sun. The most intense Enlightenment Transmission experience available in the world. Reportedly 1000 times more powerful than a non-residential Intensive.

Pre-registering now. Spaces are limited. More details will be added to this event page when I have time.

Do not book flights until your registration is accepted and you know how you will travel to the retreat venue. Limited space.  Newcomers need to fully prepare in advance to be accept for intense transformation.


The shared space of Group Enlightenment is the way to reach full potential

All attending participants have had their lives touched by the Enlightenment Transmission. All  Enlightenment Transmission Retreats offer continuous wave of Enlightenment Transmission, customised content and attention - and a special theme. The theme for this Retreat will enable participants to source, store and share Enlightenment Transmission. More details soon. General details below.

When you arrive on the nature island, the Enlightenment Transmission gives you a transcendental experience of Heaven. You see, feel and hear miracles.

Book now by email or contact-form to confirm your place!



Anyone can attend an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat, provided that they adequately prepare or already how enough Enlightenment Transmission experience. Minimally, every participant has met Dave and attended group events either online or in the real world.

If you are interested in joining the retreat then you should contact Dave as soon as possible to get further information. Participants will be open, honest, vulnerable, courageous, selfless and have no limits.

Seeds of Enlightenment

Abundant Meetings

There is no fixed schedule or content. Meetings are 2 hours long on average. The total meeting time each day can average 10 hours per day but can be between 6-16 hours.

You can either tune in or sleep at any time. Meetings include a lectures, questions and answers, experiential exercises practiced alone or with others, Oshana Energy Work and a host of surprises. Meetings happens in a variety of locations.

24 Hour Transmission

The real reason why anyone attends an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is to experience the Transmission, the effects of which can be felt en-route to the Retreat and for months afterwards. It sometimes happens that the Transmission is so strong that everyone falls asleep (even after a good night’s sleep), in which case Teaching switches to internal mode.

Pure Life Training

Personal Time and Connection

Generally, Oshana will meet with and talk to everyone on the Retreat during class and walkabouts. Special time is normally set aside for private One-to-Ones which, because of the continuous Transmission and Retreat preparation, are often unexpectedly intense.

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Astounding Nature

Tasty Organic Dairy-Free Vegan International Cuisine

Our cook is passionate about cooking and lovingly pays attention to the finer details of every meal. With over 25 years experience in preparing excellent foods from ingredients sourced from her well-stocked garden, neighbouring organic farms and organic wholefood suppliers, she has adapted her macrobiotic cooking style to suit the requirements of the Oshana Energy Food Diet, which is a valuable support on your spiritual path. Our diet is vegan, dairy-free and organic where possible. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, the occasional dessert treat and a constant supply of healthy, tasty teas are included in the Retreat price. Our chilled drinking water comes from a natural well. If you have a special diet then consult us asap to determine if our cook can cater for you requirements or if a way can be found for you to create your own meals and still be on time for class.

Group Support

An Idyllic Beautiful Natural Island

Our island is virtually uninhabited; mainly forest plus one small organic farm. Wildlife includes elk, deer, swans, badgers, eagles and owls.

Rustic Retreat Accommodation

We can accommodate you in a cosy, rustic farmhouse. Farmhouse rooms get booked quickly and are shared single sex or couples. Some participants might get their own room.

It's Very Surreal
and Totally Real!


Before and after the Retreat, all participants are recommended to allow plenty of space and time to integrate the changes they have experienced from the Transmission.

Overseas visitors are recommended to stay at least one night in Helsinki before and after the Retreat. Before the Retreat they can step down from their usual lifestyle habits, to rest, compensate for jetlag, acclimatise to the Finnish environment and receive pre-Retreat Transmission in a relaxed and comfortable way. After the Retreat, instead of rushing back to a busy, hectic life which is full of distractions, they can gently integrate what they have received, while stepping slowly back into ordinary society life.

Oshana is often available 1-2 days after the Retreat for special One-to-Ones to review people’s experiences and possible next steps. Normally everyone has significant revelations or issues arise during the Retreat, which could benefit from exploring and talking through in the light of Transmission. Overseas visitors, who want One-to-Ones before the Retreat, should email Enlightenment Transmission Finland about availability before booking international travel. Generally, Dave will not teach for at least two days before a Retreat.

Application Requirements

If you want to attend this Retreat, then you need to prepare yourself. This is normally accomplished by attending Oshana Teaching events of shorter duration, including One-to-Ones, Intensives and shorter Retreats. If you are relatively new to the Enlightenment Transmission, then you should contact Enlightenment Transmission Finland by email or contact-form as soon as possible for preparation advice, as the process takes time and cannot be rushed.


Enlightenment Transmission Finland will endeavour to get every participant, especially overseas visitors, a car ride to and from the Retreat, mainly from Helsinki. Otherwise a simple bus ride gets near enough to the island for us to collect anyone not coming by car.

Enlightenment Transmission Retreats

  • Continuous Enlightenment Transmission
  • Fun, Pure Food, Peaceful Environment, Pure Nature, Beautiful Island
  • Relaxation
  • Effortless Transformation
  • Profound Revelations
  • Unimaginable Experiences
  • Personal Breakthroughs
  • Mystery
  • Communion
  • Spontaneous Healings
  • Fully Immersive
  • Synchronicities
  • Insights
  • Inexplicable Clearings
  • Accelerated Spiritual Development

Fun Facts

  • Finland: #1 world ranked country for happiness and clean air
  • The surrounding sea has 3 times less salt than the ocean
  • The longest ever continuous meeting was 36 hours (with meal breaks). Participants could sleep, Dave did not.
  • The Island Retreat is the most important event of the year.


Price inclusive of all Enlightenment Transmission interactions, meals and residential facilities are 1205€ for a room (mostly shared). Any payment sending fees should be paid at the sender end. Bring own sheets and towels or pay a small rental fee.

Spaces are limited. Do not book flights until you have been accepted and transportation discussed.

Further Info

The Island