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London Surreally Real Enlightenment Intensive

Find the self that you miss

Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2019, 12:00 BST - 16:00 BST

* Note: Orientation has been emailed to all registered participants. If you have not received it then immediately look in spam and related email folders, and request a copy if you cannot find *

I will be aiming to broaden your experience, awareness and understanding of your self, others and life in the seen and unseen realms. You simply need to be at ease, healthy and receptive.

Enlightenment, knowing yourself and expressing it, is better than you think, always within reach, your birthright and can be tasted in the company of those who are enlightened or on their way. Experience Enlightenment Transmission. Expect changes in consciousness, rapid detoxification and periods of bliss. Dave Oshana's presentations are experientially rich, cognitively diverse and constantly adapting to participant thought structures in unique, unexpected ways to find openings for revelation.

The 25th July ‘London Introduction: 'Getting Real' About Enlightenment’  is highly recommended to attend as a preparation for the Intensive, especially for newcomers. Alternatively, watch Enlightenment Transmission YouTube videos and download some recent MP3s.

Read the article specifically for this event ‘Mutual Shared Enlightenment’.

‘Find the self that you miss’
Venue is confirmed.
Orientation has been emailed to those registration list. If you did not receive then please request it.

Newcomers: Email or use UK contact-form for details or to pre-register. Introduce yourself and how you heard about Dave if you have never done so before.

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Venue given to accepted registrants by email
Euston/Bloomsbury Area