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Dave Oshana Live Broadcast to Newburyport, MA, USA

Who You Are Reveals Who You Will Be

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2019, 19:00 - 22:00
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The Light: Life Is About To Start Working
Journey into You

Getting up in the middle of the night to give this online event on Zoom scheduled to especially suit East Coast Americans, starting around 7pm EDT. Live broadcast and interaction. Attend at Newburyport (and experience Oshana Energy-Work on-site) or attend live online. More details will be added to this event page when I have time.

Simply book now to receive advanced orientation advice.

Read the article specifically for this event ‘Mutual Shared Enlightenmentg’.

Update: Dollar currency isn't being charged on site at moment. Temporary solution is pay 17€ on site for online attendance or $20 at Newburyport venue.

To Listen

Use the Zoom conferencing app (free and easy to install and use on any computer, phone or tablet).


You can use the booking button on this page and pay by Paypal (Paypal fee is added), bank, OshanaCredits or another method. Contact us for advice.


Anyone can apply to participate.  Newcomers should email us or use the contact-form well in advance to receive technical and energetic guidance.

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Spiritual Success
Video: Spiritual Success

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Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. Details and tech support upon request. [Zoom is not needed for streamed audio replays and MP3 downloads that are hosted on DaveOshana.com]

Cost: 17€