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Life Mastery Series

Ego-Free & Aligned with Existence (Intensive. Newburyport, MA)

Discover the Original You. Communicate Love and Heart Through the Babble

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019, 12:00 EDT – Sun, 29 Sep 2019, 18:00 EDT

Important: Before attending this Intensive please ensure that you are familiar with the powerful healing and transformational effects of Dave Oshana's Enlightenment Transmission. Ideally, you will have met Dave in the real world in group meetings and/or personal One-to-One sessions. You may also prepare by online meetings and/or listening to meeting MP3s. Carefully watching Dave Enlightenment Transmission YouTube channel may facilitate understanding about how Dave is moving energies in group meetings. The real work is not in the talk, no matter how fascinating it gets.

Every Enlightenment Transmission Intensive is uniquely customised and responsive to the needs, wants and requirements of the participants present. Dave works intuitively and invisibly with every participant to bring freedom from false identification and support the emergence of the Original Self, the life force energy, which is infinitely wiser than the conditioned mind.

The Intensive will contain spontaneous guidance and interaction, relaxation, deep spontaneous meditative states and deep inner detoxification. Dave will teach the meditative healing movements of the Oshana Energy-Work Method, which have been highly praised by yogis, healers and bodyworkers.

Typically, participants attain a fresh higher perspective, an increase in energy and awareness and a greater sense of life purpose.

Dave Oshana has been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission after he became Enlightened. Enlightenment Transmission participants travel from all over the world to attend Dave’s Enlightenment Transmission Retreats in Finland. No words can explain what they have received but they return noticeably transformed. This is how awareness of the Enlightenment Transmission has been shared for 19 years, from participant to participant. To attend an Enlightenment Transmission Retreat is to be transported to a transcendental space of miracles, wonders and deep personal meaning. After attending this Intensive, you will be knowledgeable and eligible to prepare for a retreat.

Dave Oshana will be available for group and personal meetings in USA between Sept 27th to Oct 13th 2019. If you feel a subtle pull, will you join? Resistance is futile when your life was designed long ago?

Friday 27th  7-9pm Intensive Introduction. 9pm Meet and Greet. (free/donation)
Saturday 28th Noon - 6pm Intensive Day 1
Sunday 29th Noon - 6pm Intensive Day 2

Online Payment/Registration System

Direct Links:

Friday by donation

Saturday Only (it is strongly advised to attend Friday, please ask for advice by email)

Sunday Only (it is strongly advised to attend earlier days, please ask for advice by email)


Register for both Saturday and Sunday if attending the entire Intensive.

First-time for Boston and Massachusetts locals to experience the deep cleansing, integrative and transformative benefits  Enlightenment Transmission.

It will be possible to attend single days but usually only  attending the days from the beginning first (unless one has prepared in advance).

Enlightenment Transmission and Oshana-Energy-Work Method support consciousness and life-force to fully enter inner dimensional bodies, releasing life blockages, stuck erroneous patterns and mental toxins, and promoting a return to fuller self-awareness, self-expression and integration with your Original Self and Existence.

Do not book flights yet until your pre-registration has been accepted.

Contact Enlightenment Transmission USA now to pre-register without obligation if you want these events to happen

Pre-registering now! First come, first served!

Newcomers are directed to attend the opening days in sequence to increase their understanding and awareness in the most optimal and comfortable way. Each day will be filled with fresh insights and experiences. Those fortunate to attend the full weekend will enjoy a full sense of self and existence and well-balanced integration of all received revelations.

To Register for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

Send an email ASAP stating which days you want to attend. If you do not have our email address then you may use the contact-form.

Eligibility Requirement for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

You need to have met Dave. If you have not, email us ASAP to find a suitable solution. If you do not have our email address then you may use the contact-form.

Ways to Prepare for this Enlightenment Transmission Intensive

If you have previously attended an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive, you do not need to prepare for this Intensive. But for your own benefit, to access higher states when encountering the Enlightenment Transmission, it is highly recommended that you bring yourself up-to-date with the Transmission by meeting Dave at an Introduction event or by having a face-to-face One-to-One with him. If it is not possible to meet Dave in person then a Zoom One-to-One is sufficient. If neither of those options is possible then attending live online classes is also good preparation. And if there are no live classes then you can listen to class replays or downloads.

These suggestions are here to facilitate your ability to receive and accommodate higher amounts of Enlightenment Transmission. They are not mandatory but they are highly recommended.

If you have never attended an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive then you do need to meet Dave before attending. If you cannot, then it may be possible to prepare by an alternative route but you should contact us by email as soon as possible. Ideally you would meet Dave personally at an Introduction event. In this way you can familiarize yourself with Dave, his teaching style and concepts, the effects and benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and the group teaching environment. If you cannot attend an Introduction event then you can prepare by completing the EPSAF form and booking a Zoom One-to-One with Dave. Alternatively you can complete the EPSAF form and attend either live online classes or listen to class replays. The EPSAF form should be requested by email ASAP if you choose this preparation route.

Current Live Online Class List

Here is a list of upcoming live online events: Online Events

Online Events Replay List

Here is a list of archived live online classes which can be listened to online or downloaded as an MP3: Replays and MP3s of weekly live classes

How to Request the EPSAF Form

Request an EPSAF form by email.

Bring the Enlightenment Transmission to the USA by printing a few posters/flyers and displaying them in your neighborhood. If you have questions or suggestions about printing and promoting then feel free to contact us by regular email or contact-form.

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Further Info

Newburyport Area
MA 01951Newbury
United States

Venue details will be emailed before the Intensive starts only after participant has been been prepared and been accepted.

Cost: $300

Registration, assessment and preparation and acceptance are required in advance to attend this Intensive. $150 for one day.
$300 for 2 days. Payment can be made via pay links on this event page or upon arrival.