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Group Enlightenment: Introducing, Exploring and Experiencing

An essential concept; a vital experience; possibly humanity’s only hope

Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Group Enlightenment
Group Enlightenment

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Enlightenment as a singular, solitary, selfish pursuit of a flawed, ego-driven, limiting concept makes it extra difficult for seekers to understand what Enlightenment is and to experience It. However Enlightenment as a group process makes perfect sense. It's a radical concept but seemingly rare idea. Whilst it may exist somewhere, it isn't obvious - but then Enlightenment never is to the conditioned mind.

The impulse to become Enlightened comes from Life itself, which seeks not the preservation of the cognitive identity that separates itself from the human species by creating a grotesque caricature, but the awakening of humanity, not individuals. The Hindu/Buddhist idea that Enlightenment is desirable mostly to escape the Wheel of Life and Death, to avoid endlessly reincarnating here on Earth, contradicts the fact that reportedly Enlightened Sages decided to stay in ‘hell’ here to help others.

When I became Enlightened, I noticed for the first time that there is life beyond my projections. I fell in love with that life. Finding that life in others, we ignored our minds and entered into indescribable, wondrous experiences.

When people get together they usually enter deeper into their own minds, which is a pity because they could instead experience each other. I am not referring to physical, emotional or energetic communion, all of which can be exhilarating and meaningful, but to a transcendental state which exists simultaneously and continuously with human life but in another dimension that has more possibilities than reality is generally believed to have.

Ironically, even though human interaction generally takes a person away from the transcendental dimension and experiencing their self, it can also take them to it. I have been leading individuals and groups to that place since my own Enlightenment on 19th June 2000. It involves an interaction which is not of the mind or this world but somewhere beyond, a place where we all meet but rarely give attention. The experience is worth more than words, and speaking is not necessary to enter that place. However, in practice people need words to get through the cold turkey of moving from the apparently real to the surreally real.

“Group Enlightenment” covers a range of witnessable phenomena. It starts from the observation that a group of disparate individuals who would never be social friends are mysteriously drawn together to attend an undefined event the reportedly is uncomfortable and promises almost nothing that makes sense. And yet they do find something. They recover many things that they had been unknowingly looking for. Each of them has a piece of the puzzle but they don’t know how to find or express it. Enlightenment is knowing yourself and living it. Group Enlightenment is where the puzzle pieces become clearer. Since it’s difficult for one person to control their own mind and know themselves, how much more complex is it for a group of individuals to come together and be able to discern their mutual purpose? And yet, somehow they will all have to enter the zone together. Of course, it would help if they could all get along in peaceful harmony and cooperation.

Whilst any human relationship will tend towards instability and hysteria, just as any person left alone may go insane, it does not have to be that way if the focus is on something real, healthy and essential. That something is the Life Spark. It is the only true, natural and authentic motivator.

Each participant is trying to tell a story through the babble of their mind. If you listen without presumptions then you might hear it.

Understanding Enlightenment, and the need for awakening has become more real, understandable and near, now that it has entered into your fellow peers. You are all helping each other to awaken without noticing it. With this event, now you can start noticing it.

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Retreat-level preparation event.

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