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London Introduction: 'Getting Real' About Enlightenment

Sharing the Enlightenment that you aready know but miss

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019, 19:00 BST - 21:30 BST

‘Find the self you miss’

Rare possibility to personally meet Dave Oshana in London for a public experience of Enlightenment Transmission, raise awareness, gain radical insights, have fun but most of all find the self that you miss. Enlightenment always was like this but no one ever told you.

* Highest ever predicted temperature 38C - bring water and cool clothes for journey *

Enlightenment, knowing yourself and expressing it, is better than you think, always within reach, your birthright and can be tasted in the company of those who are enlightened or on their way. Experience Enlightenment Transmission. Expect changes in consciousness, rapid detoxification and periods of bliss. Dave Oshana's presentations are experientially rich, cognitively diverse and constantly adapting to participant thought structures in unique, unexpected ways to find openings for revelation.

Read the article specifically for this event ‘Mutual Shared Enlightenment’.

Email or use UK contact-form for details or to pre-register. Introduce yourself and how you heard about Dave if you have never done so before.

The Introduction is excellent preparation for the 28th July Intensive especially for newcomers: ‘London Surreally Real Enlightenment Intensive’.

Doors open 6:30pm and will close at 7pm. Limited seating. Late comers  might not gain entry. £10 cash on door. Concessions of £5 for students, unemployed and OAPs only on production of valid card and ID.

Haldane Room,
University College London,
Gower Street,

At security mention "Dave Oshana event in the Haldane Room".

Enter UCL at the Gower Street/Main Quadrangle entrance.
Walk diagonally across the quadrangle towards the far left corner and enter through the sets of double doors into the North Cloisters.
Go straight ahead, Haldane Room on your right.

Click to expand: UCL Map Haldane Room
Click to expand: UCL Map Haldane Room

Further Info

Haldane Room
University College London
Gower Street
WC1E 6BTLondon
United Kingdom

At security mention "Dave Oshana event in the Haldane Room". Nearest Tube stations are Euston Road, Euston and Warren Street.