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The Original Language of the Original Self

There is only one language that we all recognise

Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Group Enlightenment
Original Language within

To attend a live stream video replay express your wish and availability by direct email or contact form. There is a charge for replays for anyone who did not attend the live meeting.

This season we will focus on regaining an awareness of the Original Self and the Original Language within yourself and others.

This meeting proposes to have interaction to illuminate the the Original Language and the Babel Effect. *Not* a sedate lecture but an interactive event that could get messy (may involve some deconstruction of participant communications)? IOW, newcomers would be jumping in at the deeper end.

I will closely investigate and reveal in minute detail, hidden messages, slips, leaks and authentic expressions in real-time during participant communication. All are welcome to join and no one has to speak, if they don’t want. This will be ground-breaking, retreat-intensity interaction.

Young children have effective, charming natural communication skills which they tend to lose after learning a language. Heavy conditioning, misidentification and over-conceptualisation may play a role.

Adults typically convey two or more contradictory messages because they live within an imagination that is misaligned with reality. It’s important to disambiguate such messages. Fortunately, they leak information in an attempt to cover up how they really think and feel. In this way, we can get to know others and help them discern their own inner messages, and a unique contribution to existence.

Human language seems broken by design, easily twisted and frequently fails in important relationships and spiritual descriptions.

Last Sunday’s meeting explored basic concepts and simple interactions. Now we will go much deeper and identify leakage, contradiction, incongruity and congruence.

For some this could be uncomfortable but deeply rewarding. Participation is always voluntary, so you don’t have to speak and could just observe. However, you will get the most from any Enlightenment Transmission meeting by being as open and unguarded as possible. You may even recover your own Original Self and Original Language and realise Enlightenment.

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Retreat-level preparation event.

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