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Free Life Mastery Series

Rediscover Your Original Self and a Life that Works for You with Enlightenment Transmission (Newburyport, MA)

Experience transformation, development and connection with Enlightenment Transmission

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019, 19:00 EDT - 22:00 EDT

Enlightened human being Dave Oshana travels 5000 miles to share the benefits of Enlightenment Transmission by connecting intuitively and energetically with every member of the audience to produce a rapid succession of life-changing realisations, mini-awakenings, ‘aha-moments’ and No Mind experiences.

Pay close attention to what is happening to you, even before you arrive, and to your friends, family, and others in the room. Dave looks like an ordinary guy, on purpose. Gaze around him to see mysterious lights, colours, changing forms as Dave plays with energies for educational purposes.

What you came for: to rediscover your Original Self, to become Enlightened, to be free of your unnatural conditioned self, to live once again.

Dave’s presentation will adjust to what the audience wants, needs, can receive and handle in one session. You may immediately fully awaken (the sooner, the better).

Dave will explain how the conditioned mind hides reality, making it impossible to perceive the truth, and how this self-sabotage reveals itself in broken communication, mixed messages and unconscious body movements.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method, a deeply healing series of natural meditative movements will be introduced at this meeting (and taught at the Intensive).

Everyone will have an opportunity to personally meet Dave, after the main group interaction, to receive a brief transmission, assessment or guidance for their life and future Enlightenment Transmission events. Newcomers who have never met Dave in real life and wish to meet Dave on subsequent days should introduce themselves at this point.

Attending this meeting, together with real-world One-to-One sessions, is the most efficient way to prepare for Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and Retreats. Alternative ways to prepare are to have online One-to-One sessions, attend live online Enlightenment Transmission group meetings, listen to MP3s of past meetings and watch the Enlightenment Transmission YouTube channel.

Participants at this event should abstain from intoxication for several days, completely power-off cellular and Wi-Fi enabled devices and avoid pointing the soles of the feet and fingers at anyone. Please be aware that Dave does not shake hands with or hug those he teaches.

Register at this event for upcoming Intensives (if you have not done so already).

Dave Oshana will be available for group and personal meetings in USA between Sept 27th to Oct 13th 2019. If you feel a subtle pull, will you join?

Newburyport, MA Schedule

Friday 27th  7-9pm Intensive Introduction. 9pm Meet and Greet. (free/donation)
Saturday 28th Noon - 6pm Intensive Day 1
Sunday 29th Noon - 6pm Intensive Day 2

Contact Enlightenment Transmission USA now to pre-register.

Online Payment/Registration System

Direct Links:

Friday by donation

Saturday Only (it is strongly advised to attend Friday, please ask for advice by email)

Sunday Only (it is strongly advised to attend earlier days, please ask for advice by email)

Register for both Saturday and Sunday if attending the entire Intensive.

Intensive Days in beautiful MidCoast Maine between Saturday, October 5th to Wednesday, October 9th, 2019


Everyone is welcome.
Free entrance (donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated).
Arrive 6:45pm. Seating is limited.
Doors will be shut when lecture starts.
Lecture will finish by 9pm followed by personal meetings for registering for Intensive and Retreats


Roots to Wings Yoga & Healing Center,
76 Newburyport Turnpike,
MA 01951

Go Deeper Online Now

Open your energetic receptivity channels and increase spiritual understanding by listening to live online classes and class replays on Contact OshanaUSA, request the EPSAF form and book a Zoom/Skype One-on-One with Dave

Go Deeper at the Weekend

Meet Dave and announce your name and intentions. Sign up on the spot for the upcoming Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and possible local One-on-One session. Talk to Oshana Enlightenment Transmission event participants.

Bring the Enlightenment Transmission to the USA by printing a few posters/flyers and displaying them in your neighborhood. If you have questions or suggestions about printing and promoting then feel free to contact us by regular email or contact-form.

Further Info

Roots to Wings Yoga & Healing Center
76 Newburyport Turnpike
MA 01951Newbury
United States

Cost: Free

Everyone is welcome.
Free entrance (donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated).
Arrive early. Seating is limited.
Doors will be shut when lecture starts.
Registration, assessment and preparation and acceptance are required in advance to attend this Intensive. Payment for Intensive can be made via pay links on this event page or upon arrival. To attend Intensive: Registration, assessment and preparation and acceptance are required in advance. Use email or contact-form for details.