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The Illusory Seeker Self, Seeking Illusions within the Illusion

There is only one language that we recognise

Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Communicating Within & Without
Communicating Within 

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Authentic spiritual seekers, living to make sense of life but finding the social world lacking depth, follow religious belief systems more diligently  than material-success oriented followers. However, such diligence rarely leads to spiritual success but makes it seem increasingly  further away. The problem is that these so-called spiritual systems are mind and identity based, even when they claim not to be. Misidentification is a gnarly problem that besets not only individuals but spiritual seeking communities too, tending to keep its practitioners trapped forever.

Ironically, there is a problem with the concept of seeking as it is taught and practiced within spiritual groups which cannot be resolved by stock-in-trade cliches such as ‚ÄĚThere is nothing to seek. There is no Seeker. Just stop seeking." which, whilst having a ring of truth, lack crucial  details and are impractical.

If something is to help a person, then it must bridge the gap between where they are and where they need to be. That "gap" is not in this world. That "need" is deeply-felt.  Both exist outside of the mind,  human language and concepts, and cannot be thought. Consequently, there is no consensus opinion.

The problem is that a language-driven conceptual mind tends to think in a closed loop that blocks sensations that are mission-critical for full awakening. In order to discover reality, one's awareness has to dive beneath the flotsam and jetsam layer of the conceptual mind to enter the pre-cognitive zone, an undivided state enjoyed as a baby.

I could write much more but would rather that you make essential discoveries for yourself through direct experience and thereby bring about the awakening that is destined for you but which requires the right conditions to happen, not the wrong ones.

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Spirit Body Reconnect
Video: Spirit Body Reconnect

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