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The Helper: The Energy to Make Everything Right

Essential Plain Sight

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Essential Plane
In Plane Sight

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"Another fantastic workshop - I am still having this experience where your words are hitting the mark."

"Once again, plenty of moments where your words synchronised with my meandering thoughts and feelings."

"The transmission was again very strong and there were occasional vivid dreams... a feeling to just let go and relax... an explosion of light that was felt deep in the brain... rushing of energy down through my body... a feeling that it related to a breakthrough or moving beyond something..."

2 hours 20 mins duration (approx.)

The Helper is the energy:

To make things right.
To get things right.
To align with what is right.
To align everything with what is right.

You will discover that you know the answers to these essential questions:

How would you get everyone on-board?
What essentially is "everyone"?
Who and what are you?
Is there a path in front of you that you can veer off and on?
Is your path there in each and every moment?
What is a sense of rightness?
Where do you feel it?
What is right for others?
Can you sense it?
Should you intervene, help or do nothing for those who do and do not ask for help on their path?
Do they know how to ask?
Are they asking for help for their path or something else?
What and where is your position in all of this: observer, bystander, enabler, disabler, supplicant, wayfinder or lost?
Can you find the right direction?

Enlightenment Transmission Videos

Watch: Good Contact
Watch: Good Contact

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