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Frustrated Relationships. Why Are We Here? What Are We Doing?

Why do we gather?

Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2019, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Why do we gather?
Why do we gather?

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3 hours 12 mins duration (approx.)

Post-Event Description

A cosy retreat atmosphere that quickly goes deep into the necessary conditions for clearly seeing and uncovering layers, depths and dimensions of meaningful relationships, interaction and exchange. This event will the basis of many essential foundational understandings in 2020.

Pre-Event Description

Despite the huge problems, frustrations and many risks, human beings seek each other's company, gather together and stay that way for life. What's the point? What's it all about?

Whereas many relationships come with flimsy, socially-acceptable, heavily-rationalised cover stories, some do not - which makes the unexplainability of the phenomena conspicuously evident.

I want to solve this mystery, not for my self, but for those who engage with each other by ostensibly meeting with me, to peel back the veneer and discover what is going on underneath.

It's a mystical journey that requires keeping one's cool, going beyond what one has ever believed to be true to uncover what is actually true. There are layers. It requires engagement, participation, an unwavering focus and the right environment - and coming together, of course. That is how the mystery will be solved, or deepened, depending on the viewpoint.

The previous two events ‘The Maintenance of Absolute Goodness’ and ‘Guided Meditation: An Indescribable Lightness of Being’ (which can still be viewed by email/contact-form request) contain clues about where we are going but only when you first see it will you believe it. Come, attend, be here in real-time because that is the only place that anything truly happens.

Bonus: This event is also a preparation for the Feb 2020:
From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat

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