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Choose Life 2020: Vulnerability

Where are we? Where are we going?

Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Looking Forwards or Backwards?
Forwards or Backwards?

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Post-Event Description

Fluidly moving into a new open format and style for 2020 of personal and universal harmonisation. An emphasis upon the healthy meaning and necessary value of vulnerability in relationships as part of the requirement to stay "open, honest and vulnerable". The group as the representative microcosm for all relationships. Valuable insights into the group Enlightenment process as we inexorably preview the next series retreat revelations.

Pre-Event Description

Before making New Year’s resolutions it’s wise to assess previous resolutions and how they were made, review dreams and aspirations for 2019 and contrast them with what actually happened. Ideally this soul-searching would have happened at the close of 2019. But if not, then reserve the 1st week of 2020 to prepare yourself.

This first online meeting of 2020 is open-ended because important precious revelations are precisely configured to your participation style. Your consciousness makes the difference.

Continuing last season’s theme, something magical, mysterious and miraculous is happening when we meet together. It’s too fast for our brains to capture in one session. It’s both too ancient and futuristic for our modern minds to comprehend.

The cause is unknown
The cause is unknown

Consciousness is speeding up, and conversely we have to slow to catch every detail. Nothing can be left out. The intention is to live life in all of its fullness.

On the event horizon, an explosion of light, the February 8th - 15th Retreat ‘From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat’.

Join me. Join us. Live your destiny:‘Choose Life 2020: Vulnerability

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Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission
Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission

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