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Love and Energetic Stuff: Transubstantiation, Sublimation and Resurrection

Not a cure for relational frustrations but a celebration

Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

It doesn't make sense until you are within it
It doesn't make sense until you are within it

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Post-Event Summary

From a participant"

"In no real order included:  spooning/sharing warmth to survive the cold; futility of seeking warmth by removing ice; left (fear) right (desire) and centre (life-force); the importance of group (10 strands) to weave a solution or add to the recipe of the melange; that the group must be willing to drop our resistance to each other to fully share; is the group happy for one person to enlighten; resurrection of energetic connections; dropping the teacher label;

The group focus is meshing together nicely with the events from last year which referenced the blockchain (unique/shared keys), and I particularly liked your reference to the strands."


Love and stuff! A cornucopic smörgåsbord of tastily arranged existential entrées. Feast!

Eminently sensible, easily assimilable, experientially rich and simply, surprising.

Enlightenment is not a solitary event but a shared happening.

Love: Why we risk. What we aim for.

Being eaten: Transubstantiation, sublimation and resurrection

The Garden of Eden: What was that all about?

Alchemy for Beginners

Finally, SLEEP!

  Mélange - a diverse mixture of incongruous elements

The cause is unknown
The cause is still unknown

Enlightenment Transmission Videos

Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission
Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission

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