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Dissolution & Inevitability: When Things Finally Fall Apart

Group hug or just let it all hang out?

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2020, 19:00 EEST - 21:00 EEST

Group hug or just let it all hang out?
Group hug or just let it all hang out?

Watch a Video Replay? Email or contact form stating availability times. Allow 2 hours 45 minutes, plus an extra 20 minutes if you want to hear the special playlist before or after event.


BEST REPLAY EVER: The Obscenely Humorous Unrevealed Truth about Death, Desire and Getting Liberated

Winter Retreat-Intensity Preparation

This meeting was exceptional. Nothing has ever happened like this except on retreats. Dark heavy taboo themes require a light humorous touch before the drum roll and a climatic thunder and lightning finale. Not for the easily offended.

The initial aim was a message about facing the inevitable in a graceful way, but the actual meeting was very energetic, comical, ironic and covered many issues.


“It was effing ineffable.”

“A near-miraculous balance of inspiration with provocation that fused the two styles into a perfect blend of spicy & sweet; apocalyptically affirmating, perhaps heralding a new prophet-genre: doom & joy?”

“I love how just like a cute little silly puppy you sneak around boundaries and serious gatekeepers and de-solidify "the cages" ... While you throw consciousness into a labyrinth to chase after its own tail - light gets to the dirty laundry. I am left with more quietude and space inside and I don't care what was dumped out...”

“It felt incredibly intense at the end. I don't know what was said, I went out. But I felt it very much. My heart felt like it was being squashed and my throat tight. I felt fear and grief. And even lost. I cried a bit afterwards and it cleared some. I did energy work which felt much needed. And now, I feel calmer, but there is still some feeling I can't quite describe. I am feeling it more in my solar plexus area now. Definitely an overall raw feeling after the call.”

“There is no easy way to get off the stool when you are down going into the next round and the long reigning champ is looking to chew you up again. I hope we all have the tenacity to step into the ring and send our inner bully to the canvas. Then to hug it after for being a worthy adversary.”

“Bravo Dave, you put on quite a show, very entertaining. Buttered everybody up. Nice grease job.”

“I could clearly see my shortcomings, the lack of basic energetic understanding, how far I have yet to travel. And then just before I would inwardly give up and turn off,  there was your welcoming hand (or on occasions, a rallying call to arms) to come along to the summer retreat.”

“If this is “shaking the tree”, well it was relentless – back and forth - like being bombarded at times, and the ‘time running out’ urgency on top of this brought up a lot of fear/sadness/doubt.  After the call, I found the name of the song that was pulling the heartstrings (Immortal) and played it on repeat until the tears started flowing. I have been in a fragile state today, and feeling really emotional when with my wife and son (the dog too, of course).”


“Accept everything” sounds romantic, courageous and rational, resonates deeply, but rarely properly applied.

Mankind, living in denial, cannot embrace reality. The fact of dissolution opposes the idea of progress as eternal forward movement and ever-increasing expansion.

Reality: Our brains, minds and bodies inevitably fall apart -- slowly at first, then rapidly and ultimately, completely.

Instead of denying what is happening, try: immersing yourself.

This online event will be a meditative exploration of enriching themes that we paradoxically tend to ignore. This is the penultimate online meeting before the Winter Retreat. 

This online event will be a meditative exploration of enriching themes that we paradoxically ignore. This is the penultimate online meeting before the Winter Retreat 8th - 15th February, 2020 From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat’.

Mysterious meetings are de rigueur
Mysterious meetings are de rigueur

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