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The Challenge of the Dying Light in the Final Moments of Life on Earth

To die is to see. To see is to die. But how to survive and truly live?

Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

It happened before.
It happened before.

Watch a Video Replay? Email or use contact form stating availability times. Duration 3 hours 50 minutes but if the participant sharing is dropped then maybe about 3 hours 15 minutes, plus an extra 10 minutes for music tune-in.

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“Brilliant event last night - was in a very relaxed yet lucid state, just riding the wave, felt really good and connected for about 2.5 hours, then went into dream mode, then popped up with the sun for the chat at the end.”

Allegedly, every thing is concerned with its own survival. But for what?

Are the parts competing, opposing or fighting? Are they cooperating, harmonising and peacefully co-existing, to make something much greater than the sum of the parts? In this wondering is where we find ourselves – except when we don’t, find ourselves, because normally we don’t know where we are or what we are. Is something preventing the two most obvious things in the world: self-understanding and self-awareness?

There is a difference between gently existing in not knowing with all senses open, versus arrogantly “knowing” with senses closed that “knowing is impossible”. The former view is humility personified, whilst the latter is arrogance, and typically borne of fear.

For the fearful, exploring paradigms is as fun as it gets - until they break apart. For the free, paradigms can be contrived prisons of mind that have no joy and cannot compare with the beauty of nature. The fearful make a futile bid to prevent their Knowledge Humpty Dumpty from inevitably falling apart. Whereas the wise will rejoice that another illusion has been lost. No doubt, to be quickly replaced by the addicted who need the illusion of “certain knowledge”. There are no real mystics there. You are the mystic. Unbounded and already free.

Death is inevitable for the individual, the human race and the planet. But for some peculiar reason mankind is accelerating its date with death, not for its own benefit but to create an illusion, in a universe where energy cannot be destroyed, that it can enter into insentient non-existence - not realising that there is more of existence to come after this world, as much as there is that preceded it. Perfect symmetry in cyclical existence.

The Freudian death wish decimates civilisation by infecting every man, woman and child, in each generation, replicating itself, training the host to not see it, realising too late at death of a wasted life distracted by useless lifeless things, repressing life and  love, obsessing about death and hate, becoming just like a zombie.

To die is to see. To see is to die. But how to survive and truly live? The part of you that wants to know does not want to know this, to know life but only its own concepts. The part of you that knows does not need to know but only revels in life-giving give and take activities and has no use for lifeless concepts. Can the living knowing part reverse engineer and resurrect the lifeless concept-driven part, infecting it with life without empowering a monster? It can and must be, if humanity is to be saved.

There is something unseen, far bigger than individual relationships: The Everything, the sum total of all human experience. It weeps, it cries but it lives.

How does this sentient sum of all human experience affect and move through individual human beings? Do they have any control or self-authority? Is there a living energy restoring humanity? Or are we accelerating to mutual self-destruction? These are some of the mysteries that can be resolved on the paradigm’s edge. Join me there? Let’s go there to watch the new sun rise.

This online event will be a meditative exploration of enriching themes (that paradoxically we tend to ignore)  from the recent From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat’.

Some People Claim They Do Not Exist

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