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Merge Point 2020: The Deepest Way Possible to Come Together!

How Humanity Comes Together or Goes Extinct!

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

For the first time ever, come together
For the first time ever, come together!


"Really terrific, best ever, my favourite!"

"Very peaceful, again felt energised on waking."

Review by acclaimed author, 95% Oshana revelation / 5% JaHo perspective.: ‘Horsley/Oshana 3.0: The Perks & Perils of Merging with Humanity

Watch a Video Replay? Email or use contact form stating availability times. Duration 3 hours 30 minutes with participant sharing or 3 hours without. Add 10 minutes for musical intro.


In this live online event I present the necessary reasons for immediately starting the practical experience of merging. Listen intently and relaxedly. Humanity needs your focus, attention and concentration!

My focus is on Group Enlightenment, not individual Enlightenment. No one person is more important than any other for the survival of the human species. If we do not all rise together, then we all fall. Humanity is one organism, having one spirit as the central organising guiding intelligence, not a collection of discontinuous individuals.

Humanity is now facing self-created destruction, on many levels, in multiple parallel dimensions. To avert this, humanity must come together, not simply socially but, from the deepest place within, through all layers of every human being. This change requires innate sensitivity, energy and life purpose. Even if we seem destined to fail, by doing our best another time track could eventually succeed. We have nothing to lose, because at the moment we have already lost, and we never go anywhere.

Before a new humanity can emerge, the old humanity has to merge. However, humanity is tending to go outward, not inward by focusing on: physical muscles instead of the internal organs, relationships instead of connection, external looks instead of internal qualities, and fragmentation instead of integration.

For a deeper understanding, watch this season's foundational videos by sending your availability by email or contact form (booking will be arranged by email).

Déjà Vu: How Many Times Have You Done This Before?

The Challenge of the Dying Light in the Final Moments of Life on Earth

This online event will be a meditative exploration of enriching themes (that we tend to ignore) from the recent From Surreal to Real: Group Enlightenment Island Retreat’.

You should prepare carefully.

Full Contact Enlightenment

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