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Spiritually Taboo: Sexual Energy: Good, Bad and Ugly: Uses, Misuses and Abuses

Navigating mankind’s most troublesome and little-understood minefield: sexual energy and all it is and could be.

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

200,000 generations of relationship dramas
200,000 generations of relationship dramas

Please supply availability times if you wish to join Zoom Replays of this fun, adult, extreme, better than sex event. 3 hour festival of spiritual insights. Starting with the original single solitary ancient  sperm, we experientially wiggle upstream to our modern predicament.

Extensive (and naughty) participant notes, copied here: ‘Notes from ‘Spiritually Taboo: Sexual Energy: Good, Bad and Ugly: Uses, Misuses and Abuses’

Watch the 3 hour Video Replay? Email stating availability times (or else use contact-form)

Participant Feedback

"Bravo. The call was truly excellent. I felt that it was really straightening me out.

I listened to it again yesterday to make notes. It probably has the most notes of any call I have attended.

I wonder what you didn’t say, while protecting our virgin ears."

See also: Jay Ho's blogpost (part summary, part self-expose): ‘Death Valley 69: Everything You Thought You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Too Traumatized to Ask

In this live online class we will navigate the most intense, troublesome, complex and little-understood minefield: sexual energy. From the original sperm of our first ancestor, through 200,000 generations of relationship dramas -  might the uses, misuses and abuses of sex be fundamentally misunderstood?

Might we understand and thereby correct humanity’s path of self-destruction? My intuition says “yes!” otherwise I would not explore this controversial topic with you.

Everyone who registers for this event will be emailed a preparatory topic for reflection (within the Orientation).

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Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. The Zoom link is in the email Orientation which will be sent if you book early enough. [Zoom is not needed for MP3 downloads]