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Thank God It's Sunday! An Enlightenment Transmission Easter Weekend Unlike No Other

Le Deluge: Lovingly squeezing The Bible's ancient psycho-spiritual ancestral gems of wisdom

Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Ancient Psycho-Spiritual Tomb-Busting
Ancient Psycho-Spiritual Tomb-Busting

Sombre, serious, unexpected!

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Participant Feedback

“The Transmission hit me from the start and never let up.”

“Everything you said was ‘written on water’ and all that was left was the feeling.”

Read extensive details: ‘Participant Feedback: Enlightenment Transmission Easter Weekend Unlike No Other

JahO's Commentary

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When the Walls Come Down: Going Beyond Sorcery Sense-Making Into an Unseen Tapestry of Existence

When the Walls Come Down 2: Fortress of Knowledge’.

Pre-Event Description

During this live online Easter Weekend Intensive, the Enlightenment Transmission firmly but lovingly squeezes the collected works of “The Bible” until it relinquishes ancient psycho-spiritual ancestral gems of wisdom made inaccessible by the modern psyche’s broken communication.

Going where we have never gone before, but returning to where we have always been, we seek to arrive at an eminently aesthetically-pleasing satisfying sense of just-rightness in relation to understanding our deepest wonders:

  • Where we came from?
  • How it all went wrong?
  • How to fix it?
  • What next?

Without revealing too much of the mysteries (in part because they are not known at the time of writing) we will journey through our collective psyche, giving up the ghosts, attaining the Holy Ghost and arriving at the Apocalypse, spicing it up with some Forbidden Fruit, Gethsemane, a Cross word or two, and a Resurrection – but not as you have known them.

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Saturday Fever in Jerusalem: An Enlightenment Transmission Easter Weekend Unlike No Other

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Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission
Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission

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