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Paradise Lost, Eden Regained: The Disassociation and Return of Human Empathy

Coherence Point: The Harmonic Convergence of Humanity

Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Eden Regained: Return of Human Empathy
Eden Regained: Return of Human Empathy

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The Love Body revealed for the first time.

Brief Post-Meeting Summary

Essential new concepts, explorations, experiments and assignments including The Love Body, synesthesia, color effects, energy centres, wave effects, return to naturalness, a baby's perception and movement, deep purpose of relating, and the constantly flow centre.

Participant Feedback

“Something came over me like a deluge. Yellow, green, then can't remember. Alternating warm, hot sensations (skin, deeper into  body), from top of head, nasal channels and mouth, like pins and needles (can't find the words), arms and shoulders overheating, through chest, could actually feel the cushion I was sitting on and all the way to my ankles. I mentioned previous sensations like coming up on an E, this was closer to coming up on mushrooms. I can't describe it better than that.”

“The sensations were particularly strong. The buzz was engaging. I closed my eyes and went with the buzz and lost awareness for a while...Tingling starts in my head, buzzing, lightly crackling, like a constant light shiver but not really cold. Spreads across my scalp, flowing down my arms, particularly my forearms and also into my face, down past the temples, around the eyes and then the cheekbones. At its strongest point on Sunday, the feeling of throbbing cheeks after blowing up too many balloons before a party only not unpleasant. I see a sort of white/bright crackling haze that's flowing but also dancing around a bit. I wouldn't quite describe it like coming up on mushrooms but then again there's a visceral aspect to it too at its strongest, a sort of weightiness.”

Pre-Event Description

In the amniotic fluid of our mother’s womb we become masters of empathy, but lose this essential reality-focused ability through mismanagement, trauma and conceptualisation after birth, entering into a dystopic disassociated inner virtual reality. This is our private paradise lost, but together we will discover Eden regained in this live online interactive event.

Extra: JahO's Commentary

Inflatory or revelatory?

The JaHo/Ced crew chewing conceptual cud, puzzling life's least troubling but most remarkable existential issues in ‘A Skeptic’s Testimony of the Transmission

The renditioned fat of my live event ‘Paradise Lost, Eden Regained’ rendered down the oesophageal rabbit hole of the JaHolian world view: ‘Leaving Hell: Restoring the Love Body of Humanity’.

Bookable: Limited Edition Replays

Feast on this season's dynamic theme progression to establish your experiential understanding:

Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission
Benefits of Enlightenment Transmission

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