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Real-Life Inception: Waking Up in the Barely Perceived World of Unending Dreaming

Unchaos: Real-Time Experiential Map of the Relationship between Body, Dreaming and Reality

Date: Sun, 10 May 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Waking Up in the Unending Dream
Waking Up in the Unending Dream

This unique 3 hour 10 minutes replay can only be booked for viewing at a scheduled time by request via email or contact-form.

Post Event Description

The clearest, most useful explanation of the relationship between dreaming, feelings, sensations, and communication within and between bodies.

For precision info, read JahO's feverish recreation:
Do Organs Dream of Collective Sleep?

Pre-Event Description

"Ditch your conceptual map because Kansas has gone bye-bye, Dorothy!"  ~ (Matrix in-joke)

You may have heard that “the map isn’t the territory” - but no one follows that advisory, unless the map is taken. And it will be!

In this live online event, we will explore actual, rather than presumed, inner senses and map their relationship to the body, dreaming and reality in real-time living experiential ways, instead of an unresponsive conceptual article.

To assess if you are converging on, instead of diverging from, reality, here are some points to ponder in advance of the meeting:

  • Where do dreams come from?
  • How many inner senses can you name?
  • What are the components of a dream?
  • What is the relationship between dreaming and reality?
  • What does it mean to awaken in a dream?
  • When does dreaming start and where does it stop?
  • What is the relationship between dreaming, imagination and reality?
  • Why do we dream?
  • Why do we imagine?

Inception Intervention: I Can See That You Are Dreaming Right Now
Inception Intervention: I Can See That You Are Dreaming Right Now

Foundational Series Video Replays

Feast on this season's dynamic progression of themes:

Déjà Vu Reviewed’ –> ‘Dying Light’ –> ‘Deepest Merging’ –> ‘Ancestral Blood Healing’ –> ‘False Idol Perceptions’ –> ‘Sexual Energy’ –> ‘Lying: Pain Energetics’ –> ‘Easter Sex & Death’ –> ‘Easter Resurrection Blips’ –> ‘Paradise Regained: Empathy’ –> ‘Access Heaven Humanity’ –> ‘Dismantling Babel

To reserve a replay time send your availability by email (or else use the contact form).

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