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Deep Dive into Humanity’s Matrix Mechanism: One Collective Hallucination at a Time

Detecting the Matrix by Tracking the Glitchy Code

Date: Sun, 24 May 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Tracking Glitchy Matrix Code
Tracking Glitchy Matrix Code

This exceptional 3 hour  replay which gives a surprising solution can only be booked for viewing (on Zoom) at a scheduled time by request via email or contact-form.

In this live online event, I will explain the rationale for going deeply into humanity’s collective hallucination and describe the detectable mechanisms that create the illusion.

In practice, this will involve going into  one person’s inner world at a time, something which I started long ago – but caution postponed – waiting until every single participant in the group was ready to accept a deep dive into their consciousness, and the potential consequences.

According to religious tradition, an Enlightened person has no interest (or perhaps even ability) to re-enter The Illusion, since that would risk being reincarnated. However, a deeply unconscious humanity on the brink of destruction, requires a swift intervention. I am going in because (a) there is nowhere else to go, and (b) humanity’s shared consciousness is going to get infinitely shittier if it becomes disembodied.

Consequently, caution can be thrown to the wind because time is wasting away faster than stockpiles of toilet paper. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The worse the affliction, the stronger the medicine. The medicine is Enlightenment Transmission and I am the exemplar. I had hoped to retire to grow vegetables from my kitchen.

I have been sharing Enlightenment Transmission for nearly 20 years. Whilst many have benefited, few (if any) understand, having never consciously experienced being a channel for Enlightenment Transmission, nor having heard a full explanation.

To convey the understanding, there has to be both show and tell. But it’s difficult for one person to do both at the same time. If I had constantly interrupted ‘Driving Deeper: Lifting the Corners of Unreality’ to point out all of the ambient non-verbal communication, then the thematic delivery would have been indefinitely delayed. In future it may be necessary to divide my meetings into: experience and theory; make it happen, then explain it; show and tell. 20 years ago, I simply delivered experiences and laughed at requests for an explanation.

I therefore expect that there will be a complementary meeting that will focus on practical, experiential and interactive outcomes (possibly this Saturday) for participants who are familiar with my methods.

Further explanatory reading: ‘Detecting and Removing the Hidden Matrix’ and ‘On Spiritual Midwives, Lotus Mud, Lockdowns, Lock-Ons and Workarounds’.

I Am Not Going To Judge Your Mind
I Am Not Going To Judge Your Mind

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