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Breaking the Grand Illusion: Coming Unstuck, Never Arriving and the Least Expected Option

Coming unstuck in never arriving existence: from Identity to Life.

Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Not Where You Are Expected
Not Where You Are Expected?

3 hour replay. An unusual, practically useful, deep, and fun 'end of the season' retreat-themed meeting which directly illustrated abstract concepts of time, space and lines with movement and analogies. Cutting-edge humor, banter and exercises. Can only be booked for viewing (on Zoom) at a scheduled time by request via email or contact-form

This week (15-19th June) replays are  limited to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is a slight maybe. Friday-Sunday are a no-no for replays (but something else might be available, and regulars participants will be updated).

I will teach/show how to outmanoeuvre the expected by being unexpected. The only way to pop out of the artificially imposed structures and strictures of the mind. The next level up,  outmanoeuvring the unexpected, could make you invincible.

Ironically, “intuitive website design” has nothing to do with intuition but user expectations based on pre-existing designs. Hence, counterintuitive may paradoxically be actual real intuition, whilst what is commonly described as intuition may be nothing more than conditioned manipulated responses: the illusion of free will, the apparition of free choice.

A person cannot use intuition because a “person” does not have intuition. Intuition is found outside of the mental function that represents and presents itself as a “person”. Therefore, living the intuitive life only requires moving outside of “person” identification.

I suspect that the “rub”, the point of discordance/friction in the lives of “sensitives” is at the interface/boundary between the relatively fixed identity structure and unbounded intuition, as localised awareness makes daily shuttle commutes between mental and non-mental states.

My interest is never in theory, but outcomes that are outside of anything that you have ever mentally known but accessible intuitively in real-time. Existence is constantly changing, only intuition can keep up.

“Expecting the unexpected” is implausible impossible nonsense – a wishful fantasy for cave dwellers of the mind who desire to never go outside. The allegedly expected does not exist.  If it can be named, it is expected. If it is expected, it doesn’t exist – except in the mind. The mind is not Existence but a misaligned subset.

To stay in sync with the life-stream of Existence there cannot be any sticking place, because nothing stays the same, not even for a moment.

In this live online event, we are going to learn how to pivot it, and keep pivoting, in ways that we cannot expect nor predict. Are you ready for the unexpected? To not know where this goes? Don’t just sit – swivel – and keep swivelling.

Nobody Here Mantra
Nobody Here Mantra

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This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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