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Psychosomatic Ancestral Mud Wrestling

Our ancestors are everywhere. The Earth groans in travail.

Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Frozen Waste
Frozen Wastes

Get inside the psychosoma of your mind and relationships.

Video replays may be booked via email or contact-form. Send availability times.


3 hours. An exploration of bringing out your personal expression, essence and purest transmission without the interference of mental programming and ancestral influences.

Pre-Meeting Description

Although they are no longer living (in their bodies), and we might no longer remember them, our ancestors continue to affect us over space and time through stories, traditions, laws, rituals, arts, architecture, genetics, epigenetics and nothingness. It’s as if they are everywhere.

Perhaps, as various cultures assert, our ancestors are always with us, inhabiting and communicating from a twilight zone. And we can access it. To the modern mind such a suggestion is at best imaginative and at worst deranged.

There is no prearranged outcome. We are not aiming to validate set beliefs. I invite you to simply find out what is there. We may discover everything that we have imagined, the opposite or nothing. Better to know than continue in abject ignorance.

Our tools of discovery will be our own senses, cleaned of preconceptions and false concepts. This involves discarding what we believe, without full validation, to be true.

Before venturing forth, consider what an ancestor is. Is the concept of "ancestor" the same for everyone? Do we have the same ancestors or are our ancestors radically different? Some ancestors possibly not even human? What if our ancestors were in conflict? What if they never resolved those conflicts? How did our ancestors affect places?

Contemplate the bigger picture too. Does the Earth groan in travail? Does blood in the killing fields cry out? How has millennia of slavery, imprisonment and genocide affected our psyches? Do we live within systems exacerbate wounds and iniquities?

If the ancestors can affect us, then can we affect the ancestors? If we cannot change ourselves then can we change our ancestors? Can we make things right for them? And if not, what are the consequences?

Vital questions, properly posed, can yield essential, previously elusive, answers. By following the causal threads, as everything changes, we may arrive at the fullest understanding.

Are you feeling ready? Excited? If so, then book this meeting.

For extra context read: ‘The Inner Polar Bear and the Melting Ancestral Icecaps’.

Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time by via email or contact-form. (send availability times) if this event is made public.

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