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Riding the Dragon of the Eternal Mother Wave

Mysterious, alluring and exotic - just like a dragon.

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Mysterious, alluring and exotic - just like a dragon. title=
Mysterious, alluring and exotic - just like a dragon.

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3 hours 9 minutes of extremely deep detailed and unknown principles for healthy mind-body and person-to-person relationships, reality perception, transformation and freedom from inner psychosomatic blocks and discomforts.


“Whatever you did, keep it coming!!!  I can feel coming close and closer to who I truly am and not my identity... ”

“During the replay my body got extremely relaxed and my mind went in and out of awareness.  I wasn’t asleep but my mind had no thoughts.  My body felt heavier, like there was information still coming in. I could feel so many sensations - very powerful!”

“Thinking about how I may have built an identity...”

“Deep concepts. Beginning to have a clearer understanding of the mind spread in the body....”

“My body movements subtly changed, becoming more fluid and elongated. Stretching, I was feeling very light, joyful and loving for the rest of the day mentally. My body felt lighter and looser, especially from the abdominal organs to my feet.”

“Shows things timeless & intrinsically deep, words cannot describe.”

“Nourishing, inspiring, challenging, engaged, energized, curious...”

Pre-Event Description

When awareness perceives the edge, is "out there" in here?

You cannot fully prepare for this event but you can consider what is just beyond your everyday awareness but known in a deeper part of yourself. Especially ponder the effects, symptoms and miracles of Enlightenment Transmission and then discern patterns of interaction and sensation. This will be foundational for your understanding.

This enjoyable journey is the destination, teeming with convivial subversive counter-spiritual teahouses for inner cognoscenti to enjoy read-between-the-lines delicacies, such as:

Body Surfing on Dry Land.

Spelunking into Pandora’s Box.

Baiting a Hurricane: Nervous Systems Traffic Calming Methods, Humping the Road and Utilising the Kinetic Energy of Speed Ramps.

The Nerve of It and All: The Inevitable Storm before the Calm, and After.

The Yo-Yo Effect: When High Fives Become Hang Tens.

Blaming It All on the Moon: Wax-Wane, Expansion-Compression, Repression-Distension.

Riding the Dragon of Universal Compression and Expansion.

Pneuma, Stomach Pumps, Intestinal Flora, Heart Chambers and Concertina Bodies for Guys and Gals.

What Really Happens When Enlightenment Transmission Enters the Room?

Waving at ya: mind, body and spirit same thing.

Enough already?



Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time by via email or contact-form (send availability times).

Enlightenment Transmission Energy Waves

Strong waves of energy and transmissions are all around us. How do you respond and make the most of each situation? Where do you find the best, most supportive energies? The Enlightenment Transmission has various wave-like actions like a cyclone, a washing machine, an electrical speaker system, waves and ripples.

Foundational Series Video Replays

Sample this season's dynamic theme progression:

Déjà Vu Reviewed’ –> ‘Dying Light’ –> ‘Deepest Merging’ –> ‘Ancestral Blood Healing’ –> ‘False Idol Perceptions’ –> ‘Sexual Energy’ –> ‘Lying: Pain Energetics’ –> ‘Easter Sex & Death’ –> ‘Easter Resurrection Blips’ –> ‘Paradise Regained: Empathy’ –> ‘Access Heaven Humanity’ –> ‘Dismantling Babel’ –> ‘Non-Stop Dreaming’ –> ‘Unreality’‘ –> ‘Humanity’s Matrix’ –> ‘Zero Point Return’ –> ‘Healing the Mother of All Wounds’ –> ‘Breaking the Grand Illusion’ –> ‘Safe Discharging’ –> ‘Dead Never Passed Away’ –> ‘How to Heal’ –> ‘Absolute Goodness’ –> ‘Entering the Dream’ –> ‘Untriggering: Coming Alive’ –> ‘Dissolving Suffering’ –> ‘Psychosomatic Wrestling’ –> ‘Actualising Soul Essence’ –> ‘Pure Transmission of Enlightenment’ –> ‘Getting Enlightenment’ –> ‘Weird Enlightenment: Coming Alive

This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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