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Guided Meditation: Deep Dissolve, Access All Areas & Flowing Connection

The Perfect Relaxed Counterbalance for those who Constantly Run on High Energies

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Sensating is Believing
Deep Sensing is Believing

Request a video replay, preferably by emailing if you have our email address, or else use the contact-form, and suggest availability times. 


A sweet spot 1 hour 45 minutes of deep, detailed, connective meditation and instruction that sensationally goes places and spaces that few ever have the privilege to explore.

You will gain a deep experience of relaxation, and awareness of essential interconnections and correspondences within your body with nature and existence.

Allow extra 10 minutes for music at start and then as much time as you like at end to stay in your deep bliss.


“This past Sunday’s meditation was the first time I’d done a meditation with you. The effects were profound and deep and put me in such a healing state of stillness. I listened to the replay today and the effects were even more transformative. My whole mind went quiet and deep and my body was doing gentle releases with humming, throat noises, unwinding and all kinds of altered breathing for about an hour. Then my body followed my mind into a state of complete stillness for about 4 more hours. I don’t get that still even when I sleep.”

“It was beautiful - an altered state of complete comfort and healing. After getting up, I have noticed a huge reduction in my neck pain. I am thinking that with my body constantly moving from the energetic Intelligence running through it, it is needing time in that deep stillness to heal. On all my meditations, I’ve never come close to that deep relaxation from head to toe or a quieting the mind with such peace.”

“The meditation was very deep. I saw many beautiful lights behind my eyes and my body went complete still and silent for hours afterwards which my body never, ever does. It relished the complete rest. It was like being in a warm comfort cocoon for about 6 hours and I am never comfortable these days. Definitely looking forward to the replays!!!”

“Felt very relaxed and at home. At one point felt my entire body expanding as if I was a giant.”


Based on feedback, requests and needs, I will consider making this guided meditation into an MP3. The Enlightenment Transmission so deeply relaxes me during the production process that it often takes forever to process 5 seconds.

You can find at least 9 guided meditation MP3s by typing/pasting the word "meditation" (without quotations) into the search box here:


A super rest-break: subtle, sensitive, effective guided meditation that will comprehensively access multiple layers of your sensation body, states of consciousness and connections with existence. Expect to become unwound, in the best possible way.

Note: This live online event was to be around the theme:  "save yourself, extend and save the world".

However, since this subject will be partly covered during my free live online presentation 11 hours earlier at the TEC2020 (Be My Free Guest: Dave Oshana Live Online @ Embodiment Conference’), and because the conference preparation process has been intense (new souls, large audience, diverse needs), I have elected to provide a calming, soothing guided meditation for this Sunday’s regular Live Transmission meeting.

Enlightenment Transmission guided meditations are always highly popular.  Participants effortlessly relax deeply inwards to have a fully aware kaleidoscopic experience of their deepest being, body and the Creation.

Every guided meditation is unique: spontaneously chosen and guided by Enlightenment Transmission to meet the needs of everyone present (or who books live event in order to reserve a replay session in advance by email).

We are all going to need this ‘rest break’ - because next Sunday we will be one week overdue to save humanity!

For those who cannot attend the live event then a replay event will be worth it (to schedule a viewing, preferably by email, if you have our email address, or else use the contact-form, and suggest availability times).

VIDEO: Love Meets Deep

"Where do we really meet? Not in the physical world. Look for yourself. We meet in a deep place, a non-physical non-location, The Deep."
~ dave oshana ~

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This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. The Zoom link is in the email Orientation which will be sent if you book early enough. [Zoom is not needed for MP3 downloads]