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Meet Enlightenment Transmission

Free Enlightenment Transmission. Irresistible!

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020, 18:00 EEST - 20:33 EEST


A meeting of friends old and new. 3 hours 35 minutes.


“The first session I felt like an insect getting its exoskeleton cracked open and a softness being exposed. An audible crack. I’m very tight, so the sense of release was very nice. 

This time was less violent and more gentle; sleepier and warm. Like a blanket and an afternoon nap. 

Both times left me feeling open and relaxed.”

“I felt almost painful pressure in my head and chest for quite some time, but in the end my sensations were returning to light and spacious.”

“I feel soft. I have been softened up. It's like there is soft blanket around me. And gentle fire inside. My upper left arm was pumping uncontrollably as people are sharing towards the end. I don't need to worry above a being a "perfectly packaged artiste". I loved all the valuable sharings among the poetry and song.”

“I enjoyed. I liked how you lead the group and encouraged each and everyone to express themselves.

For me it was nurturing to see, observe, understand and be with people from different places, in different feelings and thoughts etc. It was a group I felt comfortable with and didn't feel alien around.

From my point of view you are doing something of highly precious in spiritual regard.”

“You lead very well. It was inspiring and nice to hear and sense other people too.”

“Today's event was like no other that I've participated in. It felt like friend's catching up... The answers became obvious through contact and experience. I had preconceived ideas about Enlightenment.”

“Although I can't say that I felt the transmission I have been able to focus better on my thoughts. They have not deviated or become swamped out by my immediate environment. And those thoughts keep leading to the signposts I have been referring to.

I did have a correspondence with the event in my dream. At one point 2 people of no particular description were phasing in and out of analog and digital. When they phased digital it was as if they were made of lots of reds and beiges in thin rectangular shapes, quite odd.

I am glad that I finally have experienced one. What a great bunch of folk.”

“During the event the most surreal moment was somewhere around midway you talking about stripping away the context (not looking at the finger) and how we're here for something that doesn't fit the form and is a momentary afterimage -- my eyes blurred and it went into two overlapping circles (you spoke about that in our last 1:1).

You said my identity and (I guess) essence could be like two overlapping red and blue circles, that goal is to do that a bit.

So that happened and I had a funny feeling and then you said something about pain of birth right after that and I got this momentary pain in my bladder.”

“Big thanks for the great session, teaching and insights. You can't make an authentic omelet without the sound of cracking eggs.

Today threw me outside my comfort zone, into what should be my real comfort zone. Learning is churning.”

“An Ode to Dave Oshana

There once was a man named Dave Oshana, who's surname rhymed with banana
He liked to talk about the kind of balls one finds at the bottom of men's overalls

Through his transmission he works very hard to transition
Mankind out of their state of inner-darkenment
Towards the internal space of blissful enlightenment

Like a veritable Michelin chef he inspires them to let go of their inner
And turns it instead into a five star pot of delicious vegetable soup!

We think that only through Dave our mucky lives can be save-d
But it's us that have to do the work,
A personal responsibility we cannot shirk

A timeless dance coming to an end
Thank God his our friend”

More feedback on event page: ‘Meet Enlightenment Transmission

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It's not every day that you get to meet with Enlightenment Transmission!

Sign up fast. Limited spaces.


To Experience Enlightenment Transmission
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This meeting will be real-time on Zoom.

Simple preparation advice is further below. Be sure to read it now because late registrations may not be answered.


The primary purpose of this event is to give new newcomers an opportunity to connect with Enlightenment Transmission, Dave Oshana and the participant community, and for regular participants to have an opportunity to share this opportunity and themselves. Time is limited and running out. Immerse yourself.


Conditions to receive fully, foster harmony and reduce unnecessary discomfort.


Use Dave's email address or else the personal contact-form to introduce yourself, agree to be substance-free and the conditions on this page, and describe your wishes and goals for the event. Brief or long, you decide. Connecting with Dave will prepare you for Enlightenment Transmission and get comfortable.


To receive Orientation and guidance. Use the booking button on this event page. You will receive an email notification confirming that you booked within minutes.


Make sure to filter emails from "@daveoshana.com" to your priority inbox and reply soon. Commercial email providers dislike "free".


To secure your place, settle and test your connection.


Ensure that your camera, lighting, microphone, speakers/headphones, display name and connection to the Zoom room are working.


This is a face-to-face meeting. If you know that you cannot be seen then you should contact Dave now, giving your reasons.


Create a display name in your Zoom account or before entering the Zoom meeting so that Dave can recognise you. Please do not use full name. Write first name and last initial e.g. "Alex G."


You should be in your natural state, therefore abstain for a minimum of 72 hours from strong substances that affect your mind, moods or nervous system, including alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, non-prescribed psychiatric medication, psychedelics and hallucinogens. If this is an issue or you cannot fulfil then contact Dave now.


If are taking medications that affect your mind, moods or nervous system then describe the medication, your medical symptoms and the effect of the medication to Dave now.


Be ready to interact.


Close your camera for a few minutes if you have to move around. Do not send irrelevant chat messages.


Use the Zoom conferencing app (free, easy to install, works on any computer, phone or tablet).


Allow 2 -3 hours. Dave may interact with every newcomer. You are that important!


Donation proceeds will be transferred to the Participant Potential Fund (see ‘The Enlightenment Transmission Fund is Working Hard for You’).


Helsinki 6pm - Berlin 5pm - London 4pm - Reykjavik 4pm
Boston/NYC 11am - Minneapolis/Chicago 10am - San Francisco 8am
Next Day: Taipei Midnight - Tokyo 1am - Sydney 3am - Auckland 5am


If you cannot find the Orientation email then
1. look in your spam/junk folder
2. search for the subject: Orientation
[subject line was: "Orientation: ‘Meet Enlightenment Transmission’ Saturday 28th November 2020"]
3. Search for email address sender: online-events@...
4. If email is not found after trying 1-3 then contact us asap and we will send another way - do whitelist/filter from  @daveoshana.com

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Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. The Zoom link is in the email Orientation which will be sent if you book early enough. [Zoom is not needed for MP3 downloads]