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A Game of Ancestors

Secrets Your Ancestors Never Wanted You to Know - and Still Don't!

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Enlightenment Transmission Precision

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This presentation was full speed entry into the weird unseen zone of ancestral influences, identity games and anti-life force energy. 3 hours 15 minutes.


“Had a very solid sleep and feel fresh and buoyant today.”

“Profound, mind blowing and joyous! Circumventing the identity with belly laughs. Enlightenment Transmission stand-up should have an international cable channel (subtitles, real time voice overs and sign language interpreters included). Also, just happened to be very sobering.”

“Two strong energetic releases (along the diaphragm), sharp and uncomfortable the first time - immediate relief, the body filled with soft warm energy.”

“Greater synchronicity at times, where your face was changing (as you were describing facial changes in direct communication. ”

“My dog is now attending events whenever she has the opportunity. Her position in front of the screen makes me wonder whether she is taking the opportunity to suck up all the transmission. Smart dog.”

“Felt like hard work, and engrossing.”

“Tempted to say it was the worst Dave event I have attended, but that might be unkind, and even unfair. Perhaps better just to say the least connected or connecting, the most performative, though it def. had good points and by the end, I had a sense of why it might have been, or seemed, so rocky a show: the degree of anti-life energies that may be coming y/our way, if they were able to unsettle you/me/us to this degree.”

“I particularly liked that you brought in the dark underbelly of the world - the vampirism crisis. The affinity molecules must be cohering well. ”

“As you spoke I could see the truth of (some of) the things you were sharing. Somewhere, something, it had colours but not distinct shapes.”

“Before the event I felt nauseous and then my eyes were irritated during the beginning, subsided half way through. In the end my arm started going to sleep.

Nice to hear the bible referenced in metaphor in a different way.

I definitely heard my two grandmothers in your teaching today.

The frozen plug metaphor... holding onto bad stuff... letting the good stuff get away... (felt like you were talking AT me!)”

“Fire!!! (the good kind)”

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The ancestors pressure and guilt-trip descendants to relate, date and mate. A few families leverage this hidden network, while most are kept amnesiac. Don't let the fool be you. Get the jump on them, attend: ‘A Game of Ancestors’.

The ancestors are always here,
hanging around on the edge of consciousness.
Like ghosts,
ensuring that their ancestral patterns and influences live on through unconscious traditions.

Keep the following questions in mind, they might not be explicitly  answered in words, but the correct “view” will be present in the Enlightenment Transmission field:

How to discern if the ancestors are present, who they are and what they want?

How to call upon the ancestors?

How to have the ancestors make their movements known?

How to choose or refuse to work with certain ancestors or their suggestions?

What really happens behind the scenes when Enlightenment Transmission participants meet and how to get the most from it?

How not lose at the Game of Ancestors but instead improve the game for all, eventually dispensing with it?

This event is twinned with "The Real Heal" and will be discounted when one is booked at full price.


For further context read:


The Real Heal: Ancestral Negotiations’ is recommended as a valuable preparation, an experiential cleansing blessing, to more deeply understand the content of ‘A Game of Ancestors’. Both events can be attended alone, but booking both is supported by a discount from the second event after paying full price for one event, will be half price. The discount is not applied automatically by the booking system but will be applied manually when the next opportunity arises. It’s best to do this early to avoid delays.  Either arrange to pay 45€ or if you happen to use 60 OshanaCredits then you will receive a 15€ rebate in the form of credits on your balance. The bonus is free attendance at the ‘Meet Dave Oshana’ event (which is only free for newcomers).


For those who cannot attend the live event then a replay event will be worth it (to schedule a viewing, preferably by email, if you have our email address, or else use the contact-form, and suggest availability times).

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Anyone can apply to participate.  Newcomers should email us or use the contact-form well in advance to receive technical and energetic guidance.

Let Dave know if you are using and then abstain from intoxicants for a minimum of 72 hours (no mind/mood/nervous system -altering substances). Ask if unsure. Essential prescription drugs are acceptable, but mention them, so that Dave can be aware of possible interaction effects.


Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time by via email or contact-form (send availability times).

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

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This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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