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The Real Heal: Ancestral Negotiations

where healing really happens

Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Enlightenment Transmission Precision


3 hours 5 minutes of intense ancestral influence readings. Although a few words never describe the full interaction impact, attendee feedback gives valuable insights:


“The Real Heal was the Real Deal.

I was knocked out pretty hard for most of the class. But I look forward to reabsorbing the content in the replay. I was trying to really relax during the class and just let go. But afterward, I knew I had been through something very strong. Something in me finds it difficult to sit through, and I found myself needing to stretch and jiggle around my legs.

Of course, all of your offerings are top-notch and world class. So much so that, like a high-end super-car, very few will ever deign to shop at your dealership or take a test drive. It seems that with your classes, people can either get in and buckle up, or run far away! There doesn't seem to be a comfortable middle ground.

And there isn't a comfortable anywhere for the false identity. So I have been feeling some very uncomfortable feelings for a long time now. Probably years. But now I feel it a lot. I find myself needing to get outdoors urgently, needing to hop in the shower just to relax and feel okay.

It seems that the identity is a self-obsessed process running 24-7. But sometimes I can just take a breathe, relax a little bit, and ask myself what I'm all uptight about anyway? Is it really getting me anywhere? Other times I will feel some really painful, sharp tightness in the tissue around my neck and chest, and it's in those moments where I realize that I'm very much in the grip of something. It's been helpful to understand the conundrum by having you talk about it in so many different ways.

One thing I found helpful was from the Saturday class. It was about how some people can be doing 8 or 16 different things, but they take themselves offline. I feel like I could be doing a lot more, but I take myself offline. So I'm finding ways to accommodate some of the excess creative energy that's just jamming me up.”

“The constant flow of energies, information and ancestrally stuff, what an amazing, wonderful, weird, unfathomable existence we are part of!”

“More ancestor stuff on Saturday please!”

“Watching the presentation yesterday was a curious experience. Overall the feeling was of amusement entertaining a playpen! I was both riveted and disinterested at once.

Noticed my identity stirring at some of the narratives early on thinking "ooh, whose that I hope that's not me" which then gave way to a "who the hell cares?" it's just gloriously fascinating and hilarious to witness and be a part of the proceedings.

Was laughing afterwards about the bat description. It captured the blacker side of my imagination delightfully. I so enjoy how you explain certain things with such fullness of physical expression bordering on exaggeration. It really tickles and speaks to me and it reminds me of how my self and my cousin related to each other.

I awoke this morning to find the ancestors very present in me, a noticeable return with much ado . One manifestation of their attention seeking or presence is an increased dyspraxia banging into cupboards difficulty with limbs and extremities in space resulting in expletives and much grrring.

I detect negotiations are in full swing.”

“Today's negotiations felt like passive talks that broke down into eviction protests. The ancestors dug their heels, obstinately making their presence felt, stamping shards of pains within their strangleholds, as the unwanted inheritance was dislodged and asked to move from the aching internal body landscape of their making. Each battle a death rattle. The hidden history banding together like a choir of the unheard. The tempest. A wind of change pulling leavers, awkwardly twanging the divine mechanics of the nervous system, playing it like a dreadful musical instrument, torturous notes of throbbing pain, resonating through ligaments and sinew, played flaps of flesh like a drum. The trampling hooves of the ancestral caravan with its baggage, dragging itself across the body in defiance. Blind to the exit. Every yawn a silent scream, their camping sites rally in imminent abandonment, the toppling of unwanted murals of guilt, thump in rubble as the upheaved dishevelled ghosts of sacrifice burn. Clearing the canals of ancestral pathways reveals the junk underneath, the surface no longer a barrier to what has always been there. The calm, reflective film removed like the curtain drawn to a dirty room; with the occupants gone, the cleaning will need some time to remove the artefacts of their presence. Leaving like the bad tenants they are, the deposit doesn't entirely cover the damage done.

I walked close to trees today, offering my pain to the enormous shoulders of branches that sat effortlessly above me. Today was a pummeling; however, I'm not afraid of taking a beating. Like a champion, after a knockdown, know although I may have lost this round haven't lost the fight.”

“Forgot to mention in my last email, as painful as it was, thank you for today.”

“The meet felt beneficent and an exciting work in progress; there was a more finely tuned focus today in some ways (from you I mean, though maybe I mean also from me), evidenced by some very specific descriptions. The image comes to mind of polishing a jewel that was previously just unearthed and partially washed.”

“It's curious how there are all these overlaps and how the image morphs, like faces changing into one another. I think this is central to what I enjoy about this new kind of event, that it is interactive without the distraction of hearing people speak and of having to do so (which can get ID-heavy). It strengthens my sense of being in a shared field of awareness and of the warm flow between participants - a way for essence to meet and mingle without self-consciousness or any kind of performance. And although my detective side was working quite hard today, even that felt like a game we were all participating in - game of essences, aha! (is that the last part of the trilogy?)”

More feedback will be added to event page: ’The Real Heal: Ancestral Negotiations



Back by popular request from your ancestors who got charmed  last Saturday (read ‘Ancestral Pre-Wash’ feedback), I will kick the ancestral applecart over and clean up centuries of serious nervous chaos. If would you like to see, feel and kick some ancestral ass then join us!

Read: ‘Why I Will Be Washing Your Ancestors Dirty Undies Before Sunday’.


The support provided will be based on each attendee's unique ancestral issues, symptoms and configuration and conveyed by silence and verbalisation. Attendees will not be named or highlighted during this and so will be fairly anonymous. Verbal dialogue is unlikely but anything is possible.

Bringing the light of Enlightenment Transmission to create multi-dimensional transformational shifts. For full effect it is recommended to follow advice given before and during the event, and to attend in combination with the next day’s meeting ‘A Game of Ancestors’. Book soon to receive important Orientation soon.


For further context read:


The Real Heal: Ancestral Negotiations’ is recommended as a valuable preparation, an experiential cleansing blessing, to more deeply understand the content of ‘A Game of Ancestors’. Both events can be attended alone, but booking both is supported by a discount from the second event after paying full price for one event, will be half price. The discount is not applied automatically by the booking system but will be applied manually when the next opportunity arises. It’s best to do this early to avoid delays.  Either arrange to pay 45€ or if you happen to use 60 OshanaCredits then you will receive a 15€ rebate in the form of credits on your balance. The bonus is free attendance at the ‘Meet Dave Oshana’ event (which is only free for newcomers).

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Helsinki 7pm - Berlin 6pm - London 5pm - Reykjavik 5pm
Boston/NYC Noon - Minneapolis/Chicago 11am
San Francisco 9am - Honolulu 7am
Next Day: Sydney 4am - Auckland 6am - Taipei 1am

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This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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