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Into the Ancestral Whirlpool

We do it because our destiny cannot be denied.

Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Enlightenment Transmission Precision

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3 hours 40 minutes. Strong and wide-ranging themes including: ancestral arrangements, being wide open, boundaries, adult stuff about matching and alignment in sexual intercourse and conception, pregnancy, merging ancestral lines, Tree of Life, Garden of Eden, having eyes opens, civilisation's downwards awareness curve, esoteric information and insanity, social identity confusion, sex-hating culture reverses to the opposite extreme, losing ancestral wisdom, inappropriate sexual attractions, toxic food derangements, stable lifestyle, avoiding intimacy and interaction, resolving stuff, frustrating partners, body shame, uncontrollable hormones, thousands years of body dissonance and disassociation, ancestral promptings, relationship demands and needs, real maturity, frozen development, spirit of places, ancestral pressure, prevalence of ass-covering answers...


“This reminded me of some of the last few weekends especially the /really/ good one, not that they aren’t all good (ahah), of so many of the sections were just perfect standup bits, absolutely flawless, even on replays! Many people could just watch that talk for the comedy alone even if they had no interest in any spiritual-seeking/enlightenment things.”

“Very enjoyable buzz sensation throughout. Strong energy in head, neck and upper region. Felt really tuned into whatever it is we tune into.”

“Felt you become a conduit for ancestral forces today. What was said today has been floating about my field of awareness. You provide the extra oomph the ancestors need to get a message across. The transmission was clear and easily graspable.”

“Strong dose of reality heretofore unconsidered and only vaguely aware. The Reality of the Ancestors makes sense on an intuitive level. Awareness is basic to all of this and the class really focused on developing that basic awareness in the body, focusing heavily on food, which made sense to me, even if it's not easy for me to accept that part of my identity is held in place by physical habits, and those habits are keeping the identity from shifting, and therefore is blocking the awareness of the ancestral influences. I have always felt protected, lucky and synchronistic, vaguely ascribing that to God or angels, but now I realize it might actually be a whole bunch of ancestors doing a lot of behind the scenes work in order to make things happen. I wasn't able to stay awake during the class, I will need a replay or two to be able to chew through everything, and lots of space and time to unpack it.”

“In listening to your event, beasts have been unleashed that I don't know will be able to be tamed again. Something bubbled up and vomited on the floor (not literally). Dealing with after math now.”

“It's sad to be in a state of arrested development. I see that it's true of myself and everyone who is older than an adolescent.”

“Occasionally, the complexity, nuance and depth of what you share, trying to catch all the threads you offer can feel like an unbearable burden I am willing to bear even though I can't even fathom the implications. It feels like being on a battle front as the fighting is about to kick off but not knowing how to put the uniform on, let alone use the weapons or move in formation. My only recourse currently is to run into the thick of things balls naked hoping to blindly affect the outcome.”

“Of all the things which were communicated today, the following made me sit up and make a note (paraphrased): "Physical sensations are not enough. There's an intelligence there. You have to petition. You have to make a commitment. Ask them what they need, what they want and see what you're going to do."”

“Still cracking up with the cat coughing into your cereal story.”

“Wow, amazing event. The image that comes to mind is the piping bag (used in baking), the last few weeks of pressure has squeezed a whole lot of ancestral awareness through. There is more in the mix, and I feeling a sense to use it more productively, beyond mere awareness.”

“When dreaming, I had the usual experience of listening and interacting with you in strange places - this time on the beach. A stranger experience was where I felt my awareness had to squeeze a 'squatter' out of my body, and had quite a vivid dream after this where I was watching the event with my family, but only realised it was a dream later.”

“Today's call was much lighter for me somehow. It's funny how you were talking about how difficult the subject matter is, and it didn't feel difficult. (That said, this week, I had a migraine for about 2 days that felt Enlightenment Transmission-related in term of purging something and aligning other things.) It's also funny that you mentioned the pressure of the ancestors - typically when I feel so much pressure I sleep throughout the call, but today I didn't. While I didn't really absorb what you were saying mentally, I felt like something is really clearing and something in me is becoming purer and more honest, which feels like a blessing.”

More feedback will be added to event page: ‘Into the Ancestral Whirlpool


You seemingly don’t know where you are going. But in actuality you do. You would not have entered into this relationship if it resembled ordinary mundane restricted existence.

For those who are pressing forward, no event description has ever been necessary. Don’t kid yourself. It’s time to notice what you are really up to. Call your own bluff. Stop pretending. I know that you know. What do we have to do to get it out of you? You have to come voluntarily – stop pretending to be reluctant, confused, frustrated and indignant.

It’s not necessary to write more about the ancestral topic here. You will already have a good sense of what remains.

Those who have been called, those who have ears and those who have journeyed this far – we have cleared the obstructions visible and invisible – this Sunday we are going in. No one else will understand.

Those who understand were at ‘The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Always Living vs Never Lived’. If you missed it then ask yourself why. Try to catch up by watching the replay. To schedule send your full availability, preferably by email or else by contact-form.



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The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

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