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Auditory Spirit Photography: Capturing What is Seen but Never Heard - An Immersive Workshop

Gaps, Overlaps, What is Unsaid & Still Undone

Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Enlightenment Transmission Precision

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This extremely valuable and essential workshop includes live unrehearsed practical demonstrations of deconstructing and understanding verbal, non-verbal and invisible communication to bring healing, relief and calm to the body and ancestral influences in as safe a way as possible (it's inherently unsafe but ultimately necessary for millennia-old planetary healing). 3 hours 18 minutes.


“I'm back. Whew! I'm feeling quite topsy-turvy at the mo. Still I think I can get a few things down now that I have the whole day to do it - lol! Very much enjoyed the session today Dave - though I was quite uncomfortable almost the whole time <--- not much of a selling point that.”

“Powerful event today, laid down, deeply relaxed and tuned in.
I was agitated before but calmed down significantly with a nice shift in awareness.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me a nice bit of pigeon peck and tickle. I hope I didn't cause you too much discomfort.”

“Whoa! Awesome event! Arrived with anger from the week, body felt acidic. When [s1] spoke about her anger, the image of a pool of gasoline getting sparked came to mind.

A huge relief at the same time as [s2] - felt something connected there, the pulse in her neck more than the spasm/jumps.”

“I spent the first hour of the meeting thinking to myself what the f**k did I get myself into this morning...I was bracing for impact and I am willing to be an example if it helps deliver your message and bring clarity to the group and what we are here for...

I share the same overwhelming heart beat and constriction of the throat that [s2] had felt. I'm very thankful that she came out and shared what she was feeling (and now I feel quite horrible not letting her know that). [s3] was an obvious case to me of someone relying so strongly on their mind, his eyes said it all. I tried to breathe with [s2] almost as if to help her calm and come off that terrible feeling. I'm glad you were on standby, well done.

Is there a chance that this fear has carried its way down the ancestral line (the fear of opening up in front of people) because of extreme consequences dealt with in the past? Is it conditioning in my own past by trauma and shame? Why is it easy for others and so hard for some? It is a massive frustration in my life leading to a slew of missed opportunities, guilt and self-condescension. I can try to rile myself up and deliver but is that what it has come down to for me? I just want to speak and deliver what I'm meant to without the bodily sensation that feels like I'm going to explode.

I did not feel that you were bringing an iota of charge or anger to the group. But I think it was the nature of your style today that provokes a certain reaction. Poking and prodding at wounded animals may result in a bite.

Here's another question. Does being okay with your current (uncomfortable) state lead to a natural somatic release of tension? I believe you answered this already with a yes but I am unsure if it was that simple.”

“It was a stressful week leading up, with lots of constrictions placed by obligations on my time, amongst other things. I felt remarkably relaxed at the onset... I relaxed into my body.

Fascinating. I was thinking about [s3]'s cat and how much it looked like his hair had come to life, and bang, you said it. I wrestled for a moment to be present for the dissection; however, in retrospect, I felt more than content feeling the group's sensations and feel maybe this was the last gasp of my ID calling out as it distanced away for the brief moment of the session. I felt a lot throughout, echoing physical reactions throughout the session. Sharp pain like a stitch under the bottom of my left front ribcage [DO: SYNCH] when you were in conversation with [s3].

[s2] and rhythmic breathing after she crafted to crystallize sensations emerged from the shared pain in her chest. Non-judgmental feels, passing clouds over the body landscape.

Such a moving morning with a beautiful group of beings.”

More feedback will be added to event page: ‘Auditory Spirit Photography: Capturing What is Seen but Never Heard - An Immersive Workshop


So you wanna be a psychic? Reckon you can handle all channels being open?

Enter the Vapour Pool of the Gods.

The aim of this workshop is to comment on non-verbal communication that reveals, affects and limits true expression. Our considerations may  include:

  • cover-ups
  • leaks
  • self-sabotage
  • visceral affects
  • harm
  • chaos
  • invitation
  • exploitation
  • dreamscapes
  • predictable loops
  • ancestral patterning
  • and much more...

Ideally, participants will volunteer and receive direct real-time feedback, if they can handle it. If the cues are too subtle then a demonstration of intuition will be given. If there are insufficient real-time sessions then recent examples will be given.

This event complements Sunday's online:
The Communication Gap Betwixt Soul & Body: Diving Into The Space-Time Continuum Breach

Plain reading: ‘Miscommunication: What is said but never admitted?

The 'no rhyme or reason' riddle test: ‘The Missing Communication: A Test Transmission


For those who cannot attend the live event then a replay event will be worth it (to schedule a viewing, preferably by email or else use the contact-form to suggest availability times).

Have you watched a replay of ‘The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Always Living vs Never Lived’? To schedule send your full availability, by email (or else by contact-form).

To Participate

Use the Zoom conferencing app which is free and easy to use on any computer, phone or tablet and our Orientation contains helpful advice.


Newcomers especially should book well in advance to receive Orientation email. Late bookings might not receive Orientation email.

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Anyone can apply to participate.  Newcomers should email us or use the contact-form well in advance to receive technical and energetic guidance.

Let Dave know if you are using and then abstain from intoxicants for a minimum of 72 hours (no mind/mood/nervous system -altering substances). Ask if unsure. Essential prescription drugs are acceptable, but mention them, so that Dave can be aware of possible interaction effects.

Time Zones

Helsinki 7pm - Berlin 6pm - London 5pm - Reykjavik 5pm
Boston/NYC Noon - Minneapolis/Chicago 11am
San Francisco 9am - Honolulu 7am
Next Day: Sydney 4am - Auckland 6am - Taipei 1am - Tokyo 2am

Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time preferably by email or else use the contact-form (send availability times).

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.

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This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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