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Bringing Together and Falling Apart: The Family Living Inside You This Christmas

Progressing from superficial belief to a deep knowing of many selves

Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment Transmission Precision
Enlightenment Transmission Precision

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After developing ancestral senses, identifying general ancestral influences and understanding that the long march of human history may cease as Identities dangerously trump Ancestors, we can start to get more personal.

You will become aware of the family living inside you and embrace them, for they are your disparate abandoned parts. You will progress from a superficial belief to a deep knowing of your self, or rather the many selves which you are. This is why you were physically born. It's time to understand your birthright.

For a deep and complementary experience book also Saturday's live online event: ‘Self-Portraits: Ancestral Snapshot Readings’ (newcomers should request advice first).

It's advisable to watch any unseen replays of recent online events, all of which have been ancestrally-themed, to be fully prepared to receive the massive download of ancestral information in this event. Book and prepare early.

The Reset: A Process Not A Teaching

"The Reset" is an actual process of dissolving the human conditioned ego (false identity). You need a real contact, not a spiritual teaching. The Enlightenment Transmission processes quickly and effortlessly.


Have you watched the finest ancestor replay  ‘The Final Conflict: Genes vs Memes: Ancestors vs Identities: Always Living vs Never Lived’? To schedule a viewing send your full availability, by email (or else by contact-form).

For those who cannot attend a live event then a replay is worth it (to schedule a viewing, preferably by email or else use the contact-form to suggest availability times).

Foundational Series Video Replays

Sample this season's dynamic theme progression:

Déjà Vu Reviewed’ –> ‘Dying Light’ –> ‘Deepest Merging’ –> ‘Ancestral Blood Healing’ –> ‘False Idol Perceptions’ –> ‘Sexual Energy’ –> ‘Lying: Pain Energetics’ –> ‘Easter Sex & Death’ –> ‘Easter Resurrection Blips’ –> ‘Paradise Regained: Empathy’ –> ‘Access Heaven Humanity’ –> ‘Dismantling Babel’ –> ‘Non-Stop Dreaming’ –> ‘Unreality’‘ –> ‘Humanity’s Matrix’ –> ‘Zero Point Return’ –> ‘Healing the Mother of All Wounds’ –> ‘Breaking the Grand Illusion’ –> ‘Safe Discharging’ –> ‘Dead Never Passed Away’ –> ‘How to Heal’ –> ‘Absolute Goodness’ –> ‘Entering the Dream’ –> ‘Untriggering: Coming Alive’ –> ‘Dissolving Suffering’ –> ‘Psychosomatic Wrestling’ –> ‘Actualising Soul Essence’ –> ‘Pure Transmission of Enlightenment’ –> ‘Getting Enlightenment’ –> ‘Weird Enlightenment: Coming Alive’ –> ‘Riding The Dragon’ –> ‘True Relationships’ –> ‘Reverse Ancestral Patterning’ –> ‘Guided Meditation: Deep Dissolve’ –> ‘Matryoshka (Russian Doll)’ –> ‘Escape Ancestral Vortex’ –> ‘Effective Fundamentals’ –> ‘Game of Identities’ –> ‘A Game of Ancestors’ –> ‘Genes vs Memes’ –> ‘Ancestral Whirlpool’ –> ‘The Communication Gap

This information is best encountered as a live, interactive experience. However, you may request a replay, preferably by email or else by contact form.

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