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Jesus Exploded

Last Chance Exhortation and Living History Lesson

Date: Sat, 8 May 2021, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Is This is for You?
Is This is for You?

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This replay is only for regular, committed tough nuts who know Dave and are too lazy to get off their butts to make Enlightenment Transmission community an enduring feature of this life and the freaky world to come. Jesus is an added bonus thrown to kick your butt. If JC can't get you off the couch, then what can? 2 hour 39 minutes.


“Addressed me fully.”

“You saying you don't want us to die without having lived, the message was extremely clear and powerful. The only protective mechanism is to DO YOUR PURPOSE. It was looping around in my mind and lingering in a good feeling way.”

“Really knocked me out - I don't know what you were doing, but it seemed more like deep trawling than pants-kicking. Whew!”

“There are no words to describe, I'm still analyzing. I wrote and rewrote this about 10 times.”

“The butt kicking was blissful.”

“Deep, powerful session. Pressure eased, went into deep states of consciousness.”

“An hour before the session I could feel the energy “squeezing” and knew it would have a different quality.”

“I sensed the energy of this group was different to the usual Sunday talks. I am not sure why but I felt more “connected” and able to naturally “merge” or flow through everyone like a gentle breeze.”

“Established witness observing the body going about its business of its own accord.”

More feedback will be added to the event page. Reserve a time to watch the video replay by supplying your availability times by email or contact-form.


It's a sign when every cell and fiber in my body jumps with joy and tells me I must host this Saturday Night Special Live, even if: it's too short-notice, we already have the groundbreaking great Man/Woman meeting on Sunday, and I am still fatigued from the Wuhan Lab Virus.

On Thursday morning, I awoke from a group teaching dream about time running out and that we are missing something fantastic.

Saturday's event is energetically transformational, a wake-up call and therefore cannot be passive, uncommitted or an energy loss. This critical time message is not for shirkers, heavy weights and resisters but so tight, bright and light that darkness-dwellers will be repelled.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

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