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Living Enlightenment Revisited: Mind-Blowing Discoveries

Because you need to know.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021, 19:30 EEST - 22:30 EEST

Accessible Personal & Communal Enlightenment
Accessible Personal & Communal Enlightenment

* Note this special event will start at least 30 minutes later (which is when we usually start time. No need to arrive early. See revised times below *

Reviewing 21 years of Enlightened discoveries made during group interactions, private sessions, intimate relationship, family life and being in nature that will radically alter beliefs and perceptions.

  • Becoming whole, free and reborn.
  • Improving our understanding.
  • Updating our language.
  • Sharing our energy.
  • Uncoupling erroneous beliefs.


Book the event soon via this page to receive email Orientation containing Zoom Room link. Newcomers especially should book well in advance to receive Orientation email.

Install the Zoom conferencing app in advance. Zoom is free and easy to use on any computer, phone or tablet, and our Orientation contains helpful advice.


You can use the booking button on this page using Paypal or OshanaCredits. Contact us preferably by email or else use the contact-form if you want to use other transfer options.


Anyone can apply to participate.

Newcomers are welcome to request detailed energetic guidance and practical technical information by email or contact-form.

1. Let Dave know if you have been taking substances. You must inform Dave that you will abstain from intoxicants for a minimum of 72 hours (no mind/mood/nervous system -altering substances). Ask if unsure.

2. Essential prescription drugs may be acceptable, but mention them, so that Dave can be aware of possible interaction effects.

(minimum duration 2 hours, sometimes much more)


Helsinki 7:30pm - Berlin 6:30pm - London 5:30pm - Reykjavik 4:30pm
Boston 12:30pm - Minneapolis 11:30am - Boulder 10:30am - San Francisco 9:30am
Next Day: Sydney 2:30am - Taipei 00:30am

Video replays may be booked for viewing at a scheduled time preferably by email or else use the contact-form (send availability times).

Each live event typically includes recent revelations, experiences and guidance before journeying into undocumented realms of human reality.

Video: Good Contact Enlightenment (video)
Good Contact (video)

Foundational Series Video Replays

Request (by email) a replay from of any event from previous years. This seasons available replays include:

This Mystery, Our Life’ –> ‘Cascading Chains of Ecstasy’ –> ‘Multiplying Goodness’ –> ‘The Vision’ –> ‘Be The Blessing’ –> ‘Access Pure Goodness’ –> ‘Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm’ –> ‘Fighting to Live, Experience & Exist’ –> ‘Saving the Human Energy Field’ –> ‘Illuminated Body, Inspired Breath, Natural Mind’ –> ‘A Cure for Insanity’ –> ‘Core Energy Healing’ –> ‘True Intimacy with Real Life’ –> ‘Purification’ –> ‘Transfiguration’ –> ‘Diamond Palm Healing Oshana Energy-Work’ –> ‘Unplugging Blood Babel’ –> ‘Golden Bar Healing Oshana Energy-Work’ –> ‘What Came With You?’ –> ‘Unlocking Our Secret History’ –> ‘Why is Life a Struggle?’ –> ‘Men and Women’ –> ‘True Free Self-Expression’ –> ‘Forever Loving: Essential Male Female Alchemy’ –> ‘Releasing Ancestral Trauma’ –> ‘Unashamed: The Adam and Eve Moment’ –> ‘Ancestral Healing Clearing Exchange

Further Info

Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. The Zoom link is in the email Orientation which will be sent if you book early enough. [Zoom is not needed for MP3 downloads]