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I have had peak expansive experiences before, but with Dave for the first time I FELT silence. I understood that silence was something, not nothing. Not flatness. Not a lack.
I had always kind of believed that silence was a sort of dull emptiness, or a thick, heavy coldness that blocked out life (sheesh - no wonder I was afraid of it).
With Dave's energy, I Felt silence, and it was warm, nurturing and alive. I felt enveloped in an aware, benevolent expansive space, kind of like being in the middle of a field when a gentle snow is falling all around, but the snow is gently pulsating and sparking off a kind of very subtle light.
It was a wonderful feeling. None of the loneliness that I subconsciously believed being in Silence would entail. I didn't feel I needed another person, like I have felt so much in my life, because the Silence felt like my friend. Like thousands of ecstatic, tiny beings that completely accepted me and my right to be there.