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First Meeting With Dave

After following Dave's online classes for about a year and three Skype one to one, the first face to face meeting was arranged. The venue a park in Central London.

The day was perfect, a warm sunny spring day.

I was calm and relaxed on my train journey to London, thinking what questions to put to him. Few entered my mind, but were they really spiritual questions? Deep down I already knew the answers to those questions. So I decided to let Dave or the Transmission determine the topic of our conversation.

He came across the road to the meeting point with a big wave, somehow it felt as if I had known him all my life. The descriptions I read about him fitted perfectly. No hand shake, I knew that! We sat in the park on a slightly elevated position overlooking the lake, under the shade of magnificent poplar trees.
His first question was: What did I want? There were many things I wanted but I came up with a feeble answer, trying to be a bit modest at this first meeting!
The conversation carried on into Christian's beliefs, the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. I knew quite a bit on this subject, I am a Christian,
but somehow not in depth as Dave. I was taken back to hear how well he knew the Bible!

I did not react to him in any physical way, no detoxing or seeing auras or lights, it was all very normal. However I could feel he was projecting an interior freedom. He was creating an inner space where we could comfortably communicate at the level of my consciousness. He was inviting me to reach into myself and discover my own free space.

I returned home tired but with that feel good feeling. I had to look into the internet and read more in depth about the life of John the Baptist. Surely I should know the Gospels at least as well as Dave!