Yhteenliittynyt itse, keskustelu olemassaolon kanssa ja henkilökohtaisen valaistumisen etsintä

maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2016
laatinut Dave O.

Enlightenment is the finding of your true self, and a deeply personal experience. However the private personal individual is not the beginning nor the end of existence but a fleeting interconnection within the flow of existence and the marching onward of time. Not only we should understand our personal self but we should also understand our role and function within existence.

The search for Enlightenment should not an inner dialogue, because that is of the mind, but a conversation with all of existence. In interconnectedness we are illuminated, in isolation we wither and die.

You find yourself to be a complicated tangle of energies placed within an exceedingly complex yet fascinating network of interconnected energies that unfold space, time and substance. It is within this eternal infinity that your limited self can know itself. Without it nothing makes sense.

To know yourself and the sea of energies within which you exist is the offer of the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching.

[Young persons only: Now re-read the above to the exciting accompaniment of 'Maximum Effort' (turn off YouTube autoplay option to avoid aural overstimulation)]